Use them as part of a larger floral centerpiece, and embellish them further with moss, miniature gnomes, and fairies! European white birch is dried in the air for many months, before it is kiln dried to the USDA standard and packed … Natural Colour or Red Heart is often sought after for it’s “character colour range”. Every order is packed in a 12" L x 12" W x 18" H box full with split white birch … Amplify your floral creations with Birch Logs! This White Birch Log Bundle is great in or near your fireplace for a warm, classic touch of White Birch. These gorgeous logs are cut from birch trees with a variety of bark finishes and sizes. Create your own display or craft by ordering white birch logs. Order full boxes of our seasoned white birch firewood logs and enjoy time spent by the fireplace or back yard camp fire, without any of the hassle of finding wood! This set of white birch logs is a bundle of 8 logs … The growth … Place in a basket as shown to display the lovely white birch bark. The pristine white birch logs will provide you that classic white birch … Having the option for two logs gives you the freedom to purchase exactly how many you need for your custom project. Dimensions: Length: 4 1/8" - 8" Width: 1 1/2" - 2 5/8" Package contains 6 logs. This birch lumber is usually creamy white, but a central brownish (natural or red heart) core is often present. Eco Forest White Birch is a great firewood to burn and is an essential for a right ambience. Our firewood is clean, kiln dried and split.


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