If you’re wondering where to buy anchovies, you’ve come to the right place. Live Bait: Ghost shrimp, mussel, lug worms, blood worms Frozen Bait: Clams, anchovy, sardine, mussel, ghost shrimp Surf fishing … Lake Havasu City has one specialty bait and tackle shop with experts who can tell you everything you need to know about fishing Lake Havasu, including lake conditions, species in the lake and preferred bait. They are most widely known as a controversial pizza topping, but they can be used in a variety of ways. We get it — you don’t have time to … Anchovies are small fish that pack big flavor. Along with the Rhys Davis Lures it has proven to be a winning combination. 1780 Pacific Coast Hwy Seal Beach, CA 90740-6209 (562) 431-0723. What Are Boquerones Known For? Originally, the fish treat boquerones (it should be pronounced as boh-kay-rohns) is a classic Spanish appetizer. We are wholesale distributors of premium bait products on Vancouver Island and serving all of North America. Five things our fishmongers can do for you. Our marinated anchovies … The local Wal-Mart also sells bait, but is limited to meal worms, red worms, nightcrawlers and frozen anchovies… It consists of fresh anchovy fillets marinated in white wine … The Rhys Davis name has been around for 60 years and is known for the highest quality and standards in frozen bait. Learn more. All the fresh and frozen seafood in our Seafood department is sustainable wild-caught or Responsibly Farmed.


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