So what you want on the side is fruit and or vegetables. We LOVE this easy Breakfast Burrito Casserole. It has all of our favorite breakfast foods combined into one delicious dish. This stellar salad, filled with plump shrimp, salty Cotija cheese, and crunchy pepitas, can serve as either a —Gerald Hetrick, Erie, Pennsylvania Wrap each burrito individually in plastic wrap, being sure to fold in the sides tightly when wrapping. Place rolled burritos in a single layer on a sheet tray; Place sheet tray in the freezer for 1 hour, or until the burritos are hard, and feel frozen. Add 1 ¼ cups Swiss Breakfast. Cover, and set for about 2 minutes before serving. The dollop of yogurt is a cool, creamy finishing touch. Sometimes we will have some fresh fruit or a simple fruit salad. You don’t need many side dishes to go with this casserole. Place wrapped burritos in a Ziploc bag, and date and label. Allrecipes has more than 140 trusted authentic Mexican side dish recipes complete with ratings, reviews and cooking tips. If you've got a pressure cooker, try Instant Pot Spanish Rice. A cold fruit salad with a hot mixture of carrots, spinach, and caramelized onions (or other veg) would would well. It’s actually not Spanish at all, but Mexican-style red rice. A breakfast casserole usually contains eggs, cheese, a bread, and a meat. This recipe is meatless, but chopped ham, bacon, sausage or chorizo may be added after the eggs are scrambled to make this a bit more substantial. Looking for authentic Mexican side dish recipes? Turn heat to low and cook uncovered, stirring occasionally until water is absorbed, about 7 minutes. YUM! Bursting with southwestern flavors, the zesty veggie medley here can be served as a side dish or a meatless meal-in-one. We like to serve this topped with some salsa and sour cream. Salsa is a must have for me, served on the side or spooned into the breakfast burrito … Grant loves sausage on his breakfast burritos. This recipe is a quick and easy spin: it uses salsa to get big flavor quickly, and adobo sauce for a smoky undertone. This is a hearty dish. Here’s our new favorite easy side to go with tacos: Spanish rice! It will become a go-to in no time!


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