This is my first review of a Wolffer Cider . Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; ... Best Rosé Cider: Wölffer No. Cideristas (2805) rated and reviewed Wolffer Estate No. [more] Reviewed on 26 Aug 2020. This cider is a vibrant, food-friendly sip that combines the rich fruit aromas of a red wine and the light crispness of our White and Rosé ciders. Well, when it’s a dry red cider that you can savor like a fine red wine, sure. 139 Dry White and Dry Rosé Ciders make a spirited and unique entrance into the hard cider market.Through a carefully selective taste test, the blend of apples was chosen so that each variety could contribute its distinctive character." Cideristas (2805) rated and reviewed Wolffer No. A unique drinking experience to bridge all tastes and seasons, No. 139. Wolffer Red Cider. Check it out! Average Rating . We crafted this unique Red Cider to round out our No. Dry, and smooth tasting. Low-alc and low-cal rosé offering from Wolffer. This iconic rosé cider is produced in New York’s South Fork region (Bridgehampton, specifically). An interesting post from POPSUGAR. Wölffer Estate Red Cider No. 139 Red Cider is casual and approachable enough to drink like your favorite Summer sip but elegant enough to elevate any occasion. Buy on Drizly Buy on Minibar Delivery. Though best known for its rosé, Wölffer also produces red, white, and sparkling wines, as well as gin, hard cider, and a new red cider made with sweet, New York State-grown apples. 139 Dry Rosé Cider . This is a perfect beverage for bridging all tastes and seasons. Wölffer winemaker Roman Roth says the new cider is the natural continuation of a cider line that began with apple wine in 1997 and grew to include Cuvee Cider (using 100% Gold Rush apples), No. Wolffer Red Cider produced by Wölffer Estate in Sagaponack, NY, US, average CiderExpert rating: 2.8 / 5.0. 139 LoRo Cider, Wölffer Estate. 139 Gruner, Wölffer Estate. 139 Red Cider to their offerings, and it’s been a smashing success. Wölffer No. Recent Reviews. Average Rating . In their ongoing effort to try new things and expand and diversify the brand, Wölffer Estate Vineyard recently added a new No. $48 for a 12-pack? Wölffer’s Red cider is a vibrant, food friendly cider that combines the rich fruit aromas of a red wine and the crispness of Wölffer’s Rosé and White ciders. To find out about Wolffer Cider, ... the Wölffer No. 139 portfolio and to encourage new occasions for drinking casual and approachable Reds. 139 Red Cider — Wölffer Estate.


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