Most types of vanilla extract contain alcohol, which can be as high as 35%. Now, consider this: at least 95% of products sold as "vanilla" do not require a farmer at all, nor do they contain real vanilla. Vanilla definition is - vanilla bean. The best vanilla beans are the products of orchids that grow only in tropical climates. How to use vanilla in a sentence. Vanilla extract typically comes in a two or four-ounce bottle, although larger bottles can be sourced. The price of pure vanilla extract is also high, but this can vary due to the quality of the beans used to make it. There was always a small bottle of vanilla extract in the pantry, and I learned the hard way that it smells much better than it tastes!Today, gourmet markets offer all kinds of vanilla products, from whole beans to vanilla … Vanilla is one of those things I took for granted growing up. Vanilla beans are expensive, retailing in some specialty shops for as much as $2 to $3 each. People take vanilla to treat intestinal gas and fever. Vanilla, the spice of life 01:43. Vanilla extract typically boasts a two-year shelf life, so bigger may be better if you tend to use a lot. Pure Vanilla Extract . Did You Know? Overview Information Vanilla is a plant. Alcohol. The bean (fruit) is commonly used to make flavoring, but it is also used to make medicine.


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