Thank you. Here’s the low down on the types you’re most likely to encounter at your local Asian supermarket, or when dining out. Higher pH also releases yellow pigments in the flour, which are colourless when pH is neutral. There are many versions of this Mynamar dish that is, at it’s heart, really quite simple and features an intriguing combo of tomatoes, chicken, aromatics, fish sauce and peanuts. They don’t need to be pre-cooked but benefit from a quick rinsing in boiling water to make sure all the strands are separated, before adding them to a wok or soup pot. Have you actually met someone that didn't like a noodle? Very thin, long, dried Korean wheat noodles that are also called mak guksu. They’re particularly good in stir-fries and hearty soups. 41 Things to buy at Japanese supermarket, Don Don Donki, and other things t... 41 Things to buy at Japanese supermarket, Don Don Donki, and other things to do at Donki Mall in Bangkok. Noodles made by blending some tofu with shirataki, resulting in a bouncier, more slippery noodle than true shirataki. This is the broadest - and potentially most confusing - category of noodles. FREE air tickets, free stays, free tours or free gifts! Used in some Vietnamese dishes, these chewy, translucent noodles are made using tapioca flour, or a mixture of tapioca and rice flour. Traveling to Bangkok with your family? They’re versatile, working well across all Asian noodles recipes, including soups, salads and stir-fries. Win win! Copious brands are spawning inconsistent nomenclature so getting to grips with all the different types can be a curly proposition, particularly when it comes to Chinese wheat noodles. There are many dishes where you get to select the noodles you want it to be cooked with. These are readily available, fresh or dried, from Asian food stores. They require a thorough rinsing immediately after cooking, to cool them quickly and get rid of excess starch. They cook incredibly quickly and some iterations just need soaking, not cooking. 15 Traditional Thai noodles to eat in Bangkok (Pad Thai, Khao Soi and more), Here is our coverage on COVID-19 (FAQs, facts/myths, good news, etc), 17 Thai breakfasts to eat at this hidden street food market near Pratunam that Bangkok locals love, 15 pink-themed cafes to dine at in central Bangkok straight out of your girlhood dreams for the ultimate girls’ day out, 14 Affordable luxury Bangkok hotels with romantic views and swimming pool to stay at under $120 near Pratunam & Sukhumvit, Bangkok’s Pratunam insider guide: 10 shopping places only locals know about, 19 things you can do on a 2D1N trip to Amphawa (1.5 hours from Bangkok) besides the railway and floating markets, 14 Thai street food desserts in Pratunam under 60 baht locals love to eat, 5 Reasons to shop at Bobae wholesale market in Bangkok, including things to eat ≥– open from 2am to 5am, 17 restaurants to get food delivery by GrabFood and Foodpanda from Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Top 15 hospitals in Bangkok to visit for any illnesses, from Chinese medicine to plastic surgery, 18 Places to find official Michelin-star street food you can eat in central Bangkok, 9 Reasons to shop at Central Village, Bangkok’s first luxury outlet mall, just 10min from Suvarnabhumi Airport – including places to eat, 14 Best floating markets within 2h from Bangkok and the places to shop and eat, ranked according to the locals. They’re made from rice flour and water and their soft texture and mild flavour make them the perfect vehicle for just about any suite of flavours, whether bold or subtle. ‘Shiratiki’ means ‘white waterfall’, after the ethereal appearance of the noodles. They’re also a favourite for hot pots, as they don't absorb a lot of liquid when cooked, unlike other noodles. Culinarily, they’re used across the gamut - in everything from salads to soups to stir-fries, as well as an accompaniment to curries and grills. A travel enthusiast based in Bangkok and Jakarta, with interests in travelling, entertainment, marketing and anything Asia-related. This family of (mainly) dried noodle is translucent, with a polished sheen that makes them resemble plastic in their raw state. They must be soaked in water until they soften before cooking; boiling or stir-frying are the usual methods although sometimes they are deep-fried. Here's the complete list of things to do in Khao Yai you never knew existed!


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