So far, I’m loving them and they have been part of my skincare ritual. ". Such bond is already created, we might as well be friends. You won't be disappointed! Learn More. These days, they have been a real pain in the neck and they keep on cropping up in the same place. Beauty, Skincare | 0 . I have been using this baby since January and All I have i... Etude House is one of thr many Korean cosmetic and skin care brands that invaded our shores and boy oh boy! Can be used for mouth area and forehead. PIN IT! Tony Moly’s Intense Care Snail Eye Mask is made of Gel-Liked material thus, it’s scentless and rather cool upon application. Dab the face gently to let the essence be absorbed. Just you and me. This post is long overdue and now I'd really have to put my foot down and finish it. The skin around the eye is a standout amongst the most delicate spots all over - Timeless Ferment Snail Eye Mask for smoother and more advantageous skin with exceptional gold group age snail bodily fluid. You've read my thoughts, you've seen my dramatic moments, you know how I think. To use this, all one have to do is to place the eye mask at their under eye for 30 - 40 minutes and you are done. However, the downside to this would be the short term removal of one’s eye bags. Mariselle Maduro. Until the next post, my friend. The Tony Moly’s Intense Care Snail Eye Mask is made for one to hydrate and increase firmness to the skin at their under eye area. 2. Provides moisture and increases elasticity and soothes stress skin for the sensitive eye area. $8.00. Tony Moly - Timeless Ferment Snail Hydro Gel Mask 5 sheets :D:D:D. Happy Monday ladies! I hope everyone's been safe over the past few w... After a very tiring work week, me and my colleagues feel that we deserve a hearty sumptuous meal. After reading numerous reviews about Bobbi Brown's Bikini Pink lippie, ... My zits are all ove the place (lol). More than just a Beauty blogger, Less than a Youtuber, Meet Tan Shi Hui, a Singapore based Beauty, Lifestyle and DIY Blogger, Vlogger and Youtuber.| A little dramatic, a little over the top, life with her is anything but ordinary. Soaked with essence, the eye mask is rather “slimy” and could easily slide down your face if sat upright for you entire masking session - Tip: Lie Down! When you're done, hang out with me more on my social media as per linked in the sidebar. Cat's Purrfect Brightening Eye Mask (Set of 2) $7.00. Leave it on for 20~30 minutes and remove. I was curious when I saw this on their racks. Brand from South Korea: Tony Moly. Skip some of the video, I ramble a lot. After washing your face, adjust skin texture with toner. All in all, I would give the Tony Moly’s Intense Care Snail Eye Mask 3 IreviewUread smiles. After going through a lot of BB creams, foundations, powders, etc. The next day, I noticed obvious changes to my eye bags - They seemed to have diminished! Tony Moly – Pureness 100 Snail Mask Sheet Review. Blurbs about anything that stirs my curiosity, anything that makes me rant and rave. This mask is what got me using snail mucin products. 3. After cleansing, apply the sheet mask on a dry face. Eye masks, an instantaneous solution for eye bag removal - or at least I hope so. Add to Bag Minions Vita-C Hydrogel Eye Patch. However, this excitement is only short term for after a few hours into the day, the eye bags seemed to have reappear. It has been two consecutive Saturdays that... Hello everyone. I WAS STUNNED. Well, i think this mask is worth to try for who want to have moist, tighten skin without wrinkles and also reduce the panda eyes. Tony Moly Ferment Snail Eye Cream Review. You've reached the end of the post. The snail is good to smoothen and moisten skin, while the collagen tighten skin. Care for the delicate skin under your eyes with our concentrated snail hydrogel eye mask. As seen from the photos, the I got a tony moly sheet mask in a subscription box and I've been obsessed ever since. My Experience with Tonymoly Pureness 100 Snail Mask Sheet: These sheet masks from Tonymoly look very cute and cool. It just did something and it did it OVERNIGHT! It's transparent and gel like. I like how its, moisturising, scentless and hydrating to the eye area. This unique, anti-aging eye mask contains an intense essence extracted from snail mucin, which is designed to re-hydrate, soften, repair, and brighten skin. Tony Moly Intense Snail Eye Mask Review Eye masks, an instantaneous solution for eye bag removal - or at least I hope so.


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