A very common water-loving surfactant and emulsifier that helps to keep water and oil mixed nicely together. It's the chemically chopped up version of normal lecithin. If that would not be enough, Skullcap Root is also claimed to have antimicrobial and antifungal properties (also against P.acnes and Malassezia furfur) as well as some skin-brightening activity. $19.00. Leave on overnight and rinse off in the morning. I'm inlove with this mask! Modern research confirms that it's loaded with skin-goodies: it's the richest green plant source of omega-3 fatty acids (α-linolenic acid), contains NMFs (polysaccharides and amino acids),  vitamins (β-carotene), minerals, and antioxidants (yellow betaxanthins and reddish betacyanins). Can your skin use some extra care? Then this mask is your saving grace. We don't have description for this ingredient yet. I've used the Panda night mask as well, this one is a little thicker than the panda one, and I love the smell. I agree with TONYMOLY terms and conditions and return policy. Just for hard-core geeks, the main biologically active compounds are pentacyclic triterpenoid saponins called asiaticoside, madecassoside, asiatic and madecassic acid (also called centellosides). Leave on overnight and rinse off in the morning. The fragrant essential oil coming from the flowers of Rose Geranium. You can read about this more here. Can your skin use some extra care? An important compound in our body that has a vital cell-signalling role. Centella Asiatica also often shows up in products that try to treat cellulite or striae. Add to Bag Cat's Purrfect Night Mask. Ingredients. It’s the - sodium form - cousin of the famous NMF, hyaluronic acid (HA). I adore this product. Madecassoside can also help in burn wound healing through increasing antioxidant activity and enhancing collagen synthesis. A super common emollient that makes your skin feel nice and smooth. I also had acne scars all the time because my large pores get clogged easily. © 2020 TONYMOLY USA. Chemically speaking, it comes from the attachment of sorbitan (a dehydrated sorbitol (sugar) molecule) with the fatty. No wonder, it is a very popular and common ingredient. If HA does not tell you anything we have a super detailed, geeky explanation about it here. The most common skincare ingredient of all. Like no other brand, the Korean Beauty Expert combines urban beauty lifestyle with … It's not only soothing but it'. This leaves my face feeling so soft and gives it a nice glow. BTW, it’s also a food additive. Usually the main solvent in cosmetic products. It is typically used in tiny amounts, around 0.1% or even less. A traditional Chinese herbal medicine loaded with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory flavonoids such as baicalin, baicalein, and wogonin. A very common silicone that gives both skin and hair a silky smooth feel. We do a Best of INCIDecoder email once a month with the most interesting products and ingredients we bump into. Both combined feel refreshing. Tony Moly Purrfect Night Mask ist eine Nachtcreme, die Ihre Haut durch Seidenaminosäure weich und glatt macht. It's a common top note in perfumes and contains (among others) fragrant compounds limonene (37%), linalyl acetate (30%) and linalool (8.8%). A well-known issue with bergamot oil (apart from the fragrance allergens) is that it contains phototoxic compounds called furanocoumarins, but more and more commonly furanocoumarin-free versions are used in cosmetic products. Super common soothing ingredient. Olive oil - an oleic acid-rich (55-83%) emollient plant oil that can moisturize dry skin. A popular, vegetable-derived oil-loving emulsifier that helps water to mix with oil. I no longer use foundation. Thanks to the positive charge, it also creates a complex with AHAs (AHAs like to lose a hydrogen ion and be negatively charged, so the positive and the negative ions attract each other) that causes a "time-release AHA effect" and reduces the irritation associated with AHAs.


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