They had a chick 2 weeks back, but sadly it died last week. Very good utilization of photos and videos. Your email address will not be published. Nest Building Strategy. When Mulu were together, the following things happened: Lovebirds are of different personalities, just like humans! It grows their bond stronger. We live in Sydney Australia. But we were wrong... Never put a new bird in the same cage as your pet bird. Have these wild birds become more territorial of space and food? They had at one point shown nesting behavior. It doesn't seem they are eating enough food to keep up. It is the best sight to watch (according to me). Should I put the Peachfaced male that mates with his toy rope, in the cage with the babies once they are a year old? I am not sure if I can find a mate for my lovebird but now I am tempted to go out and find a girlfriend for my Pionus. Answer: He will regurgitate for almost his whole life, as it's his nature to feed his mate. The male has started feeding the female, and the female keeps going inside the nest box. The best way you can deal with this behavior is by avoiding and ignoring the biting, as you don’t want to spoil your relationship with your pet. :), I have two sets of breeding love birds, my question re revolves around my one set, Brock and Ava, my Peach-faced love birds who I believe are about 3 yrs old. He urged her to preen him by pressing his head in her stomach. Yes, I know it sounds scary, but I can assure you that this is very normal as your parrot is going through a hormonal imbalance period which is due to the mating season. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Question: My female lovebird recently lost her mate. I just recently got a male bird , i named him Juan , he's about 1yr old . If she didn't, may be she rejected them. I don't see the hen making nest though, what should I do? Youngest one is "pitku" oh i don't like my mother gave it, but I call her "meethi" because she is most clamer than all. They had only 1 chick after Lulu laid 19 eggs. I am not able to buy another Love Bird i actually found him as a baby outside of a shopping center and decided to keep him and i have researched a lot and was told that I don't need a second lovebird that I am able to be the meet to him and so I can't get another lovebird I don't have the means to space money and I have four children my bird is very very happy and very lovable and friendly and he has a lot of fun he plays and my children play with him and he's very awesome but I just don't know how to get him not to meet with my head LOL I was wondering if there was something I can do besides getting another bird for him. How do I find her a new partner? These tiny fur balls are very lovable and they love playing around. Question: I have a seven-month-old female budgie, and she displays male mating movements. The female lovebird prepares the nest before laying eggs. I am wondering is there anything i can do to help this stop is there a fake love bird i can buy him so he can mate with that or will he always just try to mate with me? Try to reassure him/her by giving a head scratch, a treat or a new toy. Normally parrots are noisy but in the mating season the screaming and general vocalization increases. Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on November 11, 2018: @Yaser Hi! Please buy a female lovebird for him as soon as possible. I hope this helps and you're welcome to ask more questions. ☺ Yeah, sure do! She is only three months old. My lovebirds go inside the nest box for warmth, and they mate at the bottom of the cage. Lovebirds keep the eggs which are fertile, they drop the ones that aren't. Pretty smart for a bird, I must say. It might help you: I recently noticed the “female” lovebird had thrown up to the male bird. I so enjoyed reading it. And then again we must realize that its due to the mating season that their behavior has changed. She had two IRN parrots and two budgies. They seem very compatible, have had 2 years, the one displays like he wants to mate but the other will have nothing to do with it. Knowing when bird mating season is at its peak can help birders plan to attract nesting birds to their backyard, visit isolated leks to see rare species or just enjoy the beauty of courting birds. Awwwww that's wonderful love story of Mumu and Lulu :). But she tries to climb on that normal? She was rubbing herself on the fluff at the top of her swing and we decided she was lonely! Answer: Either the "female" lovebird isn't a female, or she's one and is hungry (sometimes, mine asks the male to feed her in this way). I want those two to trust me and play with me .. they just afraid when I go near them. :) Pitu, Pitku and Tutu are so cute. Why is this? Seeing this I sometimes say, "Hey, I just changed the water now!". A Must Investment For Your Caique Parrot- A Quality Cage Matters! The female opens her wings to balance his weight. This is very normal and is an expected Parrot Mating behavior habits. our parrot not sure if male or female,is acting strange he was fine yesterday,today he is quit and has a fine saliva comeing from his beak..we not sure what this is,he had it last year and got over it in a few we now wonder has it anything to do with the breeding season..he is 10yrs.any help please …, Something strange … It is a fact that for most of the animals, socializing is natural. Question: My male lovebird is trying to mate but the female is always fighting and avoids him. Do I have to do something or just wait? We got her a male, and she attempts to mate in a very male fashion. Once you have noticed this territorial behavior of your parrot it is best that you respect your bird’s mindset and let it be that way until the mating season ends. Are your male and female lovebirds trying to bond to each other? The magnificent signs & symbols of birds! Sakina loves birds. When your birds eat together, it means they are acknowledging each other's presence and are spending their time together. They're great as pets and very loving. They weren't enemies anymore. Young birds like these won't mate. Species: Medium green heavy-pied peach faced lovebird. Is this normal behavior? If she does, you can be sure she is a female. Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on June 05, 2018: @Nikkk Hi! It took a while and lot of effort from him to win her over. Yes, please spread some paper at the bottom of the cage. This begins when the male bobs his head up and down to bring back food from his crop.


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