Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! Is my orbital sander fixable? It will come out the front binder or back binder every single time, within 20 seconds. Building supply stores offer sandpaper for belt sanders in roll form, rather than single sanding belts. Uneeda recommends never skipping more than 1 grit in a sequence. Custom-cut pieces of sandpaper to fit on the rubber and, when you're ready to use one, coat the rubber with a small amount of spray adhesive and press the sandpaper to it. Short, close, parallel to length of work piece, in a step formation, Medium length and spread apart, occurring in random locations, Too much stock removal & too high sanding pressure, Poor cleaning of belt – may be due to too low belt speed, Part of belt clogged (hot melt glue, resin, lacquer), Abrasive grains damaged by impurities in workpiece (sand, pins, other metal particles). When troubleshooting chatter marks, check the following areas for issues: You may be using the wrong type of roller for your application – metal or hard durometer rollers are for stock removal purposes only. If there is debris take an air compressor to the surface, if there is moisture let it dry. While it would be easy to assume the problem is with the abrasive, in reality, the problem is often in the machine. Make sure not to skip more than one grit in the sequence. 3. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. Hook and loop is a method of adhering sandpaper to power sanders using Velcro®. Burned Belt/Loading 7. Most often they work perfectly and will last for hours. Symptoms for issues with wide belt sanders can effectively be broken down into two categories: ... Improper tension is a common cause for belt tracking issues. Contents Introduction 5. Yesterday the 4in. It is approx 10 yrs. Our wide belt technicians see several common issues, from chatter and other surface faults, to burned belts and too much dust, and they help our customers to get their sander back up and running and improving the overall process and results. They can make any orbital sander run like new if they stick properly. This … old. You may be using the incorrect belt joint style for your application. Additionally, if you have too high sanding pressure or too flexible of a pad, a wavy surface may come about. What is Chatter? Best sander for rustic wood. His work has appeared in print publications and online at, a music interest website promoting peaceful solutions to political and cultural disputes through music. ... (sanding belts, sanding discs, sandpaper rolls or sanding sheets and pads), Fintech is here to help. Replacement pads for the major manufacturers are usually priced in the $20 to $50 range, depending on the manufacturer and model. I have a Sears model 113.226431 benchtop belt and disc sander. Check to see that your tension pressure is set correctly, based on the following standards: paper belt – 45-55 psi, cloth belt – 55-65 psi and polyester belt – 65-85 psi. Related. August 6th, 2011. model 315.11701. How can I tighten the sandpaper belt on a Skil belt sander? This is an especially attractive option if you have a large supply of hook and loop disks and are unwilling or unable to purchase a replacement pad. If using a multiple head machine, proper grit sequence and stock removal rate should be checked. If this is the case, dress the conveyor or apply a cleaner to remove excess dust/debris. Relevance. The Belt and Disc Sander, model 113.225801 that I bought has an issue with tracking the sanding belt. Adhesive backed paper is available in all grits and is cheaper than hook and loop paper. Wide belt sanding is anything but simple, so when you’re experiencing problems it can be complicated to isolate and identify the source of the issue. How can I stop my belt from drifting off my sander? If you are trying to remove too much material or you skip to many grits, you may have an unsuitable grit combination in the following ranges #80-150 and #100-180. Review the grit choices and test other options. Overall, three common themes arise for the sources of the most common issues – 1. machine maintenance issues, 2. incorrect sanding procedures/techniques/settings, 3. problems with the belt. 7. Stay tuned for the second part of this article, going over issues like dust and static, broken and burned belts, and tracking issues. Scratches (grooved lines) Scratches, or grooves, the opposite of raised lines, can also show up in a … It is a Craftsman 3 inch belt sander, model no. Use cyanoacrylate glue only in a well ventilated area to prevent inhalation of the fumes. Check to make sure that the hold down rollers are adjusted correctly based on your application and work piece thickness. Some of the problems are related to the sanding action, technique and machine settings, while others are more maintenance related. Purchase a replacement pad from the manufacturer. Belt Off-Tracking Conclusion Part 1 of Article (visible defects on work piece) Download the PDF guide with both parts, to keep as a reference near your sander. For circular or oddly shaped sanding pads, there will be some overhang. Similarly, identifying the pattern of the scratches can help determine and isolate the source of the problem. Platens are typically used for finish sanding, so if you are attempting to remove too much stock in relation to grit choice on this section of the machine you may get a wavy surface. Your roller may be worn out/out of round or out of balance. bigg_dogg44. I bought the correct size, but the sander is old. Sanding discs are efficient. This is the more expensive option since replacement pads are a major source of revenue for the manufacturer. While this method makes changing sanding disks convenient, any woodworker who has used a hook and loop sander for any period of time knows that the wear and tear on the sanding pad quickly breaks down the hooks and has a negative impact on the sander's ability to grip the sandpaper. Ridgid R2501 1/4 sheet sander won't hold the paper? The belt keeps coming off when trying to use the sander despite adjusting the tracking screw to try to keep it on. Sanding belts can wear down fairly quickly depending on your project. Belt Breaking 8. The adhesive backing will, over time, completely destroy the nylon hooks on the sanding pad, but since they were damaged beyond repair at that point anyway, you loose nothing in switching over. There are three methods for dealing with this problem, each of which will be addressed in this how-to. Check the following areas to ensure proper maintenance and sanding technique. Lv 6. Options If your your sandpaper is not sticking to your sander pad first check the sandpaper and sander pad for debris or moisture buildup. belt starting moving back and forth and almost came off. 2. Wavy surfaces can result from using too soft of a roller for your application, a damaged roller, incorrect grit choice for application, or too high of a feed speed. Adhesive sandpaper can be purchased in economical rolls and cut to fit any sanding pad configuration. I've tried everything I can think of to keep a sheet of sandpaper on the base of the sander. This in-depth article, and the upcoming Part 2, goes into the different sanding flaws and machine maintenance issues that will most likely be the source of your issues. I just installed a new 3' belt and used the trigger to get it installed but it will not move the belt when I hit the trigger even though the motor runs.Craftsman 3 inch belt sander-3" by 21" belt.


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