Under normal conditions, metabolized fats are completely broken down to water and carbon dioxide, hence negligible amount (1mg/24 hrs) of ketone bodies are excreted in urine. In this video, the method of Rothera's test , principle, precaution and other explanations are clearly mentioned. The term ketone bodies refers to three intermediate products of fat metabolism, namely acetone (2%), acetoacetic acid (20%) and beta-hydroxybutyrate (78%). The following ketones bodies or acetone bodies are found in the urine during a … A permanganate-like color indicates the presence of ketone bodies. Presence of ketone bodies in urine (ketonuria) is usually an indication of uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, starvation or a very low carbohydrate diet. Rothera’s test by Nitroprusside reaction is a specific test used for the determination of ketone bodies. Rothera's test is used to detect the presence of ketone bodies in urine.


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