These types of fuses include two essential parts where those are a fuse … Rewirable Fuses. They are most commonly used in house wiring, small industries and other small current applications. 1. Its rating can start from few mA to several kA. The fuse element is fixed on the fuse carrier. Rewirable Fuses. Type of Fuses: Depending on the fuse current rating, the fuses can be one of the following types for low voltage applications: 1- Semi - enclosed Fuse (Rewirable) 2- Cartridge Fuse. The fuse can have many forms and shapes depending on its application. Rewirable or Kit – Kat Type Fuses are a type of Low Voltage (LV) Fuses. If a fault occurs in the network mainly phase to phase short circuit fault or phase to ground fault, the network current crosses the rated limits. It is also known as kit-kat fuse. Rewirable fuses come under the classification of LV fuses, and those are almost used in small applications such as wiring in the house, small-scale industries, and other tiny current applications. The following are the disadvantages of the rewirable fuse. Electrical Fuse In the normal working condition of the electrical network, the current flowing through the network is within the rated limit. The base contains the incoming and outgoing terminals. Rewirable Fuses consists of two main parts: a Fuse Base, which contains the in and out terminal, and a Fuse Carrier, which holds the Fuse Element. I have only ever seen one fuse carrier marked S2 so I take them all to be 1Ka and generally replace the wylex ones with a cartridge fuse, which is required anyway on a ring if the CPC is less than 1-5mm ( IEE onsite guide table 2A page 89) and is usually the case if a rewirable board is fitted. LOW VOLTAGE FUSE REWIREABLE FUSES :- The most commonly used fuse in ‘house wiring ’ and a small current circuits is the semi-enclosed or rewirable fuse. The fuse carrier is inserted into the base to close the circuit. High rupturing capacity (HRC) fuses are totally enclosed fuses with definitely known, high breaking capacities which have been developed after intensive research by manufacturers and supply engineers. A fuse is a protection device used to protect a device or a circuit from severe damage caused due to overcurrent or short circuit faults. Rewirable fuse is the most commonly used fuse in house wiring. The rewirable fuse has the advantages of replacement of fuse element without any risk. The cost of the replacement is also very less. It consists of a base and a fuse carrier made of porcelain. The supply is continuous by reinserting the fuse in the base. Also known as KIT-KAT type fuse.


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