The bear has seen me, and is looking threatening. What does the box contain? This is possible because this test targets your subconscious, and brings out important information, that you normally don’t think about otherwise. Stoics Believe that Everything that Happens is Perfect, Paulo Freire, an Educator Who Changed the World. In a way, traveling through them sometimes means a return to that ancestral past where we rediscover the deepest part of our beings. According to this theory, our psychological suffering is rooted in underlying issues that we must bring … What animal is it? If you saw a tame, harmless bear or a young playful bear, you are stress free and when faced with a challenge you see an opportunity to overcome it. The sun is out, there's a perfect breeze. Note: bein… The answers to these questions indicate relevance to values that you hold in your personal lives. Is the path well-traveled or abandoned? It is, without a doubt, worth taking into account. It is that symbolic relationship that sometimes manifests itself in our dreams, where many of our phobias arise. These include the fear of darkness, of sinking or falling into a hole, or the fear of insects or wild animals. Meeting fellow travelers along the way, or a tidy and well maintained path, are indications of a frequently used path. Who is that person? This information, when combined with interviews and other tests, can be of great use to relational psychoanalysis therapists. Either write down your responses to the questions or just remember them for the interpretation at the end. Is the path clearly visible? Imagine that you are walking in a forest. Can you walk with ease, or do you have to overcome many obstacles? What will you do with it? my key opens a treasure.. how predictable am i! Is it bright or dark? Now picture yourself in the position of being able to retire right now. If we ask someone what susto is, they'll most likely say that it's a startled response, similar to shock. An absolutely unnecessary evil, but one…, Today's oncological treatments are still very aggressive. However, we cannot rule out its relevance within the context and the theoretical framework from which it was created. The key's appearance shows the degree that you would prefer a conventional career over a distinctive one, and the key's function reveals your career goals. The more traveled the path, the less evidence there is of feeling isolated from friends or family. Now, describe the path in relation to the forest. Are You Having a Panic Attack or an Anxiety Attack? Keys to personal belongings such as diaries or lockets indicate that a fulfilling career is one which addresses other people's needs. Is the forest healthy or is it burnt down or dying? There was a tree trunk, and I had to walk over it. We can get an insight into their emotional state by the shape and state of that forest (if it is burned, if it is nighttime etc). Picture yourself walking through a beautiful forest. The taller the trees, the more influence adults had on your life. The lighting represents the authority adults had over you. The lighting represents the authority adults had over you. People under routine stress will see large, dangerous bears. It's just beautiful. If the bear has not seen you, then you are not under everyday stress and you do not perceive essential problems. It lets us see possible unresolved childhood conflicts, and the burden of the past in the person’s present. Lastly, visualize yourself entering that cabin. As you continue walking through the forest, you see a bear. While you are walking along, you find a key. If the patient collaborates and performs the exercise effectively, and feels involved, then the analyst will obtain a lot of useful information. In other words, everything that happens is meant to…, Most educators are familiar with Paulo Freire and his pedagogy of hope. This is what they call a relational psychology test. Within the relational psychoanalysis approach, this test is used more than any other for the following reasons: The forest is a scenario with a very clear mystical-emotional component in any culture. 4. 2. My key is a golden with a very unique shape on it but it open my heart... No, no blood is involve but it open my heart to let things inside my heart out. According to this theory, our psychological suffering is rooted in underlying issues that we must bring to light in order to heal the hurts and move forward. In our blog we have already spoken on more than one occasion about the so-called projective tests. The bear is symbolic of problems and how you deal with them. Outdated or antiquated keys show you feel more comfortable in a conventional or long established career. In this approach, and only as an example, the classic id, ego and superego concepts are left to one side. The bear has seen me, and is doing cute 'bear type' things. One such example is the tree test or the family test. Keep walking and you meet an animal. When presented with a problem you prefer to focus on the solution. The forest test doesn’t have enough reliability and validity to be part of normal clinical practice. Is the path wide or narrow? This is a guided imagery personality test. All of this is in order to reach an adequate diagnosis, or a starting point to start the procedure from. Similarly, if you are unsure as to what the key may open, you have not yet defined your career goals. The brighter the forest, the more you felt you had the freedom to do as you wanted. Carl Jung himself explained this in his book “The archetypes and the collective subconscious“. Let's get to it! 2. Obstructions are the way that we perceive problems in adolescence. “The clearest way to reach the universe is through a wild forest.”. In addition, he will help him to travel to those darker areas of his mind that he has never dared to enter before. The path's visibility indicates how prepared you were to handle situations during adolescence. Is the path easily navigated or are there obstructions? Keys that allow access to valuable things such as a treasure box, indicate a desire to accumulate wealth. Where would you spend the rest of your life? Because of this, the forest test is a good stepping stone from which to start to get to know a patient’s underlying characteristics.


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