What is Crito's relationship to Socrates? What principle or attitude do the symbols the flags of Fascist regimes or movements symbolize? Government is an instrument of the people. What are the time, day, and date of the final exam, and where will it take place? What is the theoretical definition of Democracy? Fascism was most democratic because the "majority" was the most popular idea, The collapse between thinking and doing (theory and action). What geographical fact was (to some extent) determinative in regard to US history? Plato and Shakespeare agree about what limit of human beings? 20+ Free Mocks For RRB NTPC & Group D Exam: Attempt Free Mock Test: 10+ Free Mocks for IBPS & SBI Clerk Exam: Attempt Free Mock Test: 10+ Free Mocks for SSC CGL 2020 Exam: Attempt Free Mock Test: Attempt Scholarship Tests & Win prize worth 1Lakh+ 1 Lakh Free Scholarship What kind of person will the members of the Chorus "honor"? How does Aristotle define Tyranny (not from the table but from his narrative)? If the rich rule they will rule only in their interest and attempt to maintain power and nearness to the treasury and if the poor rule they will be less educated and therefore will rule less effectively and in a less reasonable manner. According to modern science, in terms of knowledge, what can it do and what can it not do? One political power ruling the polis despotically. According to Marx, the "free development of each" is the basis for whose "free development"? Why can one not be both a believing and observant Christian and a believing and observant Muslim simultaneously? What is the view of death in Darkness at Noon and in Stalin's regime? Submarines were the reason of execution for Bogrov. Political order and religious order operate under equal rule within polis. Capitalism helps transform external laws and reason. What "slumbers in the lap of social labor"? How are these two dialogues "atypical" for Plato? What does he mean? Study 100 Final Exam Guide (Test 1 & 2 Questions) flashcards from Lakshmi G. on StudyBlue. -In Germany, only the rich go to school (specifically higher education), and it is close to impossible to climb the ranks as a professor/ academic. Or by looking at the elements of which the thing is composed. By looking at how it develops naturally from the beginning. Most people are rights violators because in the state of nature, specifically in the absence of a contract, everyone must take precautions to protect themselves against one another, The claptrap consists of free trade, education, family, and private property. Therefore, they are somehow less than fully human. According to Fascism, what is Demographic Policy? What does Socrates suggest as a punishment for being convicted? Both the political and religious orders claim to know the Truth. According to Lenin, what aspect of Marx's teaching are the bourgeoisie trying to "omit, obliterate, and distort"? He thought Ferdinand's relationship with Miranda was moving too fast. How are Aristotle and Mussolini similar to their approach to the individual's relationship to the polis/state? Who knows whether it is better to be dead or alive, according to Socrates? Socrates says death is two things. In the Tempest, from where to where were they going? Why do we have reason to doubt that Antigone is doing what she is doing out of piety? According to Marx, what is "political power"? Marx thinks that a "free economy" will always lead to what? In Science is a vocation, by what is the "fate of our times....characterized"? Why is it impossible for any institution (regime) of slavery to be made up of natural slaves, according to Aristotle? What did G-d create male and female, in his "image"? Because he is politically aware. According to Hitler, why is it the case that "man must kill"? What is the difference between Marx and Lenin in regard to the Communist party? According to Aristotle, what kind of person is a natural slave? It is either in the Mediterranean, Bermuda, or Shakespeare's mind and therefore our minds, Children: Eteocles, Polynices, Ismene, Antigone. Why is there a contradiction between the political. According to Weber, what does every religion "presuppose"? By what kind of struggle is life characterized, according to Mussolini? In the Tempest, what were the people who were shipwrecked doing on the ship? Introducing Textbook Solutions. Why does Socrates say it is unreasonable to fear death? The central teaching of the Crito is that political philosophy cannot exist without a polis and Socrates accepts this and is willing to die to offer someone else the opportunity to change Athens' mind about political philosophy, something he could not do in the "Apology". The way in which Lenin and the Vanguard made decisions over the dictatorship of the proletariat. What is Lenin's precise and exact definition of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat? According to Aristotle, how many different kinds of regimes can there be? In political science things such. What does it mean to say that Prospero was the "right Duke of Milan"? In both, he is attempting to strengthen the relationship between political philosophy and the polis in an effort to ensure the existence of political philosophy in the future. as philosophy, political and economic history, human behavior towards the government, and methods and techniques are learned; it teaches us how and why we act the way we, do to understand patterns. Why did Little Loewy die by his own hand? Why do Liberal Democracy, Communism, and Fascism all claim to be the most democratic movement? The young, brutal officer who interrogates Rubashov. Capitalism and breaks down its value system. What does the "export of capital" do the country(ies) to which it is exported? When a few leaders held the central ideas democratically. According to Socrates, death is transition into the next world and eternal sleep. What is the precise and exact definition of the state of nature, according to Locke? Because different polises have different types of regimes. Therefore, the natural state of a dog is one that is 50 lbs and that barks and drools which means it is doggier because doggier means the closer to the natural state of a dog. Choose your answer to the question and click 'Continue' to see how you did. Separation of Church and State. Since there will be no government under Communism, how will people interact? What does he have to do in order to have a job? How can Socrates' situations in "Apology" and "Crito" be understood to be consistent? Because if she is pious, then she would bury everyone fairly and not only her brother. A polis is a partnership of what kind of people? A college friend of Rubashov's who also interrogates him but is nicer than Gletkin. How do Shakespeare and Aristotle differ in how to persuade people of their respective positions? Why does the polis act for the most comprehensive good? Who is the first "respectable" modern thinker? According to Locke, who is "equal to the greatest and subject to no body"? What three groups did Socrates identify as knowledgable? According to the Fascists, to what is the fascist state similar? According to Aristotle citizens can be virtuous or not, but must be virtuous in one way. Therefore, they need to be able to make laws and rules without necessarily meeting.


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