Accomplishment of firm's objectives Production management helps the business firm to achieve all its objectives. It also tries to improve the efficiency. The main objective of production management is to produce goods and services of the right quality, right quantity, at the right time and at minimum cost. Production management Objectives of Production Management Right Quality: the standard of product is established primarily based upon the customers’ wants. Objectives of Planning Since it is concerned with not on the plan of production but also implementing the production process is the right way following are few of objectives: It can also be stated that production management deals With the processes for decision making of producing goods and services with predetermined specifications. Objectives of Production and Operations Management: The main objectives may be one of more of the following: a. c. Economy: Production … An efficient organization can face competition effectively. The production control is the function of management which plans, directs and controls the material supply and processing activities of an enterprise so that specified products are produced by specified … b. Reputation, Goodwill and Image : Production management … Production planning is the systematic and strategic design of production processes in order to achieve the greatest possible efficiency. the proper quality isn’t essentially very best … It produces products, which satisfy the customers' needs and wants. By implementing effective production planning systems, companies can produce products more quickly and precisely, and achieve a set of common objectives. Productivity: Increased production using given resources. Efficiency: Increased output for a given input. This will help it to achieve its objectives. OBJECTIVES OF PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT The objective of the production management is ‘to produce goods services of right quality and quantity at the right time and right … So, the firm will increase its sales.


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