Laying the intellectual groundwork for this activism: the bloggers. Friends & Neighbors (F&N) is proud to announce the addition of Carrie Bain, Senior Copywriter, and Kelsey Vetter, Junior Designer, to their creative team. You may have heard some chatter about the Minneapolis Comprehensive Plan (“Comp Plan”). For nearly a century, Minneapolis has financially and legislatively prioritized homeowners over renters, and landlords over tenants. The city has funded neighborhood organizations since the early 1990s via the Neighborhood Revitalization Program. Landlords, particularly for small ones, cite a lot of reasons for not accepting Section 8. Fund adequate staff to speed the MPHA inspection and re-inspection process, Streamline the rent disbursement process so that the initial Section 8 rent payment arrives at the start of the month. You hit it out of the park on #mpls2040! Since this program isn’t mandatory, many landlords choose not to accept Section 8 tenants. Their boards have traditionally underrepresented renters and overrepresented homeowners. The city invites feedback on the plan until July 22nd. A. How can Minneapolis improve its housing policy. Since 1992, Neighbors 4 Neighbors has connected those in need with those who can help, and your support has been critical to our success. Standing in the way of upzoning means standing in the way of access to jobs, transit, parks and schools. Across the city, yards were dotted with dueling lawn signs such as "don't bulldoze our neighborhoods" or "neighbors for more neighbors." How have these 40 countries fared in protecting health & the economy? The Minneapolis 2040 comprehensive plan is approaching a critical moment and we are asking for your help! While the city is in the midst of revising how neighborhood organizations are funded (“Neighborhoods 2020”), the city should also directly fund organizations that do tenant advocacy. They are saying…. What Is The Minneapolis Comprehensive Plan? ), A campaign for “ignored voices” — not really. HOME Line currently maintains. This also appears in, posted here with permission from the authors. If you’re there, you have a chance to see some of our art, and maybe hear some inside details about us, as well as even…. The city invites feedback…. A “Right of First Refusal” policy such that when tenants get notice of sale, they have the option to buy the property. It’s important to note that Emerson Avenue South and the streets surrounding it in the Lowry Hill area are not being upzoned. “There’s no one organization that made it happen. At the same time, there are pro-tenant organizations in Minneapolis offering support, advocating for tenants rights, and providing other vital services. You should have the right to an attorney if you’re facing the prospect of losing your home. We’ve got lawn and window signs! Fund or produce publicly accessible, free, plain language and multilingual tenant resources. Create a reliable 311 experience for tenant questions. For example, to rent to Section 8 tenants, units must be inspected by MPHA to verify that the housing meets health and quality standards. This idea was originally suggested by Minneapolis Renters Coalition members. Require property owners to give advance notice of sale; as much as 6 months. Houses there can be no more than 2.5 stories. By Jonathan Foster, This post is the second in a series that will take a deeper dive into the draft Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan. Since 2000, renters’ incomes decreased while their housing costs rose. Minneapolis Comp Plan Review: Expanding Ownership, This post is the fourth in a short series that will take a deeper look at some of the specific policies in the Minneapolis 2040…, Minneapolis Comp Plan Review: Housing & Development near Transit, This post is the third of a short series that will take a deeper look at some of the specific policies in the Minneapolis 2040…, The 2040 Comprehensive Plan: Completing Minneapolis’ Neighborhoods, Cross-posted with permission by the author from Read the rest of this post, or reserve signs by clicking here. 612-643-5710 To expand participation in Section 8, the city can: As part of these actions, the city should: In addition to the above proposals, the city should: a list of resources and tenant information, with an intent to stop “shadow evictions”, housing discrimination against same-sex couples and trans people,, We’re All Pluralists Now: Challenges and Victories of the Pluralist Movement, Student Debt and Demographics: A Story of Disparate Impact, The World Has Not Learned the Lessons of the Financial Crisis. Neighbors for More Neighbors is an advocacy group working for abundant homes in Minneapolis. Some groups that offer legal assistance fund a portion of their budgets through public contracts. City and state labor policies should protect those appearing in housing court and include this in Safe & Sick Time. In the end, the … Walz to close bars, restaurants and fitness centers for 4 weeks ... Why we Northside neighbors are suing Minneapolis. Welcome to Neighbors, Inc. Click the links above to request services, donate, volunteer or learn more about an upcoming event! 52.6% of Minneapolis rents. To…, It’s! “FRIDAY: the Minneapolis Renters Coalition is hosting a sign making/painting event. Rent stabilization, capping yearly rent hikes to protect renters from extreme year-to-year increases. In their new roles, Bain and Vetter will help drive creative thinking and execution across the … The developer announced that their economic metrics worked out so that they would be able to make 3 of the new…, Support the Sons of Norway project (Deny the appeal! At Neighbors for More Neighbors, we take housing policy seriously, as you can see from our humorous collection of pro-housing posters. Person: I … (see: Fund additional housing inspections staff. According to the American Community Survey, the average area income for Minneapolis homeowners is $86,600, but only $36,718 for renters. We know a few cool YIMBYs who live…, What is your child tweeting about all the time? People will be creating signs that support the renters bill of rights to place in areas of high traffic. The city is soliciting…, Update (5/3): The East Harriet Neighborhood Association has filed an appeal of the CPC decision to approve this project. This would be accessible for free online, containing important public data like citations and inspection notes. It is time for change. Neighbors for More Neighbors organized in support of Minneapolis 2040 because we believe in building enough homes for everyone in our City. More than half of Minneapolis residents are renters. In this post, we offer suggestions to strengthen the city’s goals for protecting tenants, roughly following the action steps in the policy. Every person, especially renters, needs safe housing that does not get in the way of their success. Use this handy reference to decode…, A campaign for “ignored voices” — not really, Saralyn Romanishan entered the race for Ward 10 City Council, framing her campaign in a recent Southwest Journal profile as one of “ignored…. Policy 41 “tenant protections” outlines intended outcomes, including, “protect tenants’ rights, and improve living conditions in rental housing.” However, it lacks detail (some of these goals are related to the section on Housing Displacement, the subject of a future blog post). Implement less restrictive occupancy limits, and remove the double definition in both the zoning and building code. Nearly half of renters are cost-burdened, paying 30% or more of their income on housing. Many property owners do not accept Section 8 certificates or vouchers. How can Minneapolis improve its housing policy? While 60% of white people in Minneapolis own their home, the vast majority of people of color rent, making them far more likely to be harmed by our current housing shortage. Two-thirds of these cases end with tenant displacement. Fund a city-wide media campaign to inform tenants of rights & services available. Neighbors 4 Neighbors is a 501 3 nonprofit organization, and your contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Neighbors for More Neighbors plans to continue to advocate for the plan at future public meetings, as well as getting involved in the process of writing a new plan for neighboring St. Paul, which is going through its own planning revamp in 2019. Provide lawyers to tenants facing eviction and other housing court cases, for free. This one-stop clearinghouse would be hosted by a single 3rd party. Q: Do you have a spare space heater? Current levels of funding for these services aren’t enough, and are sometimes covered by grants or crowdfunding. By Jonathan Foster & Jackie Foster Two options include either a cap on rental application fees or setting up an application fee/background check clearinghouse where tenants would pay a one-time fee to be listed while searching for an apartment, and landlords would pay a fee to access the listing for a month.


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