The Sonic Mole Chaser doesn’t play music, but instead produces a penetrating underground sonic pulse that drives underground rodents crazy. This allows for a total of 6,500 square feet covered in total when all devices are in use. Make your dwelling less attractive to creepy crawlies and keep disease-spreading rodents and insects out of your kitchen, attic, and walls with noise-free ultrasonic repellers. Electronic devices also known as mole spikes exploit moles’ sensitivity to sound and are designed to operate underground. Pets won’t be affected but moles find the noise irritating and move to quieter surroundings. The ultrasonic devices are sold as larger packs with a total of eight individual devices in order to cover an incredibly large circular area. Human ears can’t hear the sounds. These devices are designed to repel pests capable of hearing ultrasonic frequencies, but not to worry. 2 Pack Solar Mole Repeller,Solar Powered Sonic Wave Mole / Solar ultrasonic animal repellent Mole freak with IP56 waterproof, mole control, vole fright,mole repellent for Outdoor Lawn Garden Yard 3.5 out of 5 stars 6 £24.99 £ 24. The mole repellents are designed to produce ultrasonic waves and vibration that will keep off the moles from the farm. -Bart Knols, an entomologist from the advisory board for the Dutch Malaria Foundation In 2005, the British magazine Holiday conducted its own series of tests on four different ultrasonic repellers. We consider Pack of 2, Solar Mole Repellent Sonic Device, Sonic Mole Repeller, get rid of by Dz Services the best sonic mole repeller on the market (number 1 on our list for November 2020). Ultrasonic Devices. They don’t use chemicals – which is definitely a huge plus – but that means that moles may go away briefly but come They also function within longer ranges; hence you should get the ideal pick that suits the size of the farm. Ultrasonic pest repellent stands distinctive as it operates above the ground and its effect is doubted by Ultrasonic mole repellers – whether solar or standard electric – are just not 100% always going to do the trick. [There is] no scientific evidence whatsoever [that ultrasonic repellers work on mosquitoes]. Human ears can’t hear the sounds. Average calculated Customer Satisfaction and Product Selling Score for this product is 9.64, which is near to the very maximum of 10 points.


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