Many argue that Mead was motivated by her own political agenda as she herself was a proponent of broadening sexual conventions within the traditional Western religious life (she was married three times to men, but her longest relationship was with a woman). The book was titled Coming of Age in Samoa, and in it she theorized that gender roles are created by societal influences and not anything biological. Margaret Mead, who lived from 1901-1978, was one of the most influential and famous anthropologists of the twentieth century. In her memoirs, Margaret also alludes to having an intimate relationship with her teacher and friend, Ruth Benedict. The passive, obedient and loving woman who raises and cares for the children and her home. Boas and Benedict gave her a goal to document cultures before they disappeared. 1901-1978. In her youth, her main influences were her mother and maternal grandmother, both of whom had raised families and also pursued careers. She first concentrated in English and psychology but became interested in anthropology under the influence of Columbia University anthropologists Franz Boas (1858-1942) and Ruth Benedict (1887-1948). Margaret attended the all-women's Barnard College in New York City in 1920. Log in or sign up to add this lesson to a Custom Course. • Coming of Age in Samoa: A Psychological Study of Primitive Youth for Western Civilisation. Mead is one of the most renowned anthropologists of all time. The American anthropologist Margaret Mead studied the patterns of cooperation and competition in 13 primitive societies and was able to document wide variations in those behaviours in different societies. He doesn't allow any room for any kind of biological development of the self or biological development of the personality. In addition, Margaret Mead was the first anthropologist to study child-rearing practices and learning theory within social groups. The family moved frequently, so at a young age, Margaret had to adjust to many changes in surroundings and people. For Mead, each culture represented a different type within her theory, and she downplayed or disregarded information that may have made her simple classifications untenable. Log in here for access. Boas was urgently organizing ethnographic investigations of primitive cultures throughout the world before eventual contact with modern society, and he convinced Mead that she could make a contribution to this burgeoning field. Before then, children have no social standing within the community. During her research among three tribes in New Guinea, Margaret did pioneering work on gender consciousness. Bateson, Mary Catherine. just create an account. She made the observation that society dictates personality more than genetics or biology. Margaret published her first book when she returned from her studies. See also Child development; Conditioning; Sexuality. In de Verenigde Staten bereikte ze een ongekende status met haar boeken over kinderen, opvoeding en rollenpatronen in andere culturen. Her nearly 60-year research career, which began in the late 1920s and stretched until her death in 1978, pushed boundaries. She was the oldest of five children. (Although Mead's stature as an anthropologist is unquestioned, there has been some speculation that her subjects may have systematically lied to her during her investigations.) How did Margaret Mead contribute to the study of cultures? Anthropology: A Human Science (1964), Blackberry Winter (1972), an autobiographical account of her early life, and Letters from the Field, 1925-1975 (1977). Dr. Margaret Mead held positions with the American Museum of Natural History. succeed. How did Margaret Mead explain the origins of human violence? This is where Mead decided to become an anthropologist (a social scientist who studies all types of cultures). Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1992. After her initial trip, she was always joined by a collaborator.


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