Lake Ladoga is an enormous plain of ice and snow-as on the Pole. 11,460 views; 4 years ago; CC; 3:12. Fifty-six memorial kilometre posts along the. Erected in 1967 by the architect M. N. Meisel'. The "Voibokalo" («Войбокало») plaque at the Voibokalo railway station, commemorating the Road of Life (1975, architect S. S. Natonin). A foot of ice [30 cm] would be laid down in 24 days at 23 °F [−5 °C]. Supplies and military equipment were brought to the city across the water and ice, and the sick and wounded were evacuated over the same route. My long sight, which is a nuisance when I am reading or writing, is most useful here. [3] The road today forms part of the World Heritage Site. Even during winter, the region's erratic winds were capable of increasing or decreasing the lake's water level by as much as four feet (1.2 m) within just a few hours. To provide the line of communication to the Vidlitsa and Sviritsa. [5] It was only in mid-December, after troops of the Volkhov front recaptured Tikhvin, that construction of a railroad directly connecting the western shore of Lake Ladoga to Leningrad was possible. Measuring 219 km (136 mi) in length and 138 km (86 mi) wide, Lake Ladoga (or Lake Nevo as it was called in ancient times) is one of Europe’s largest lakes of its kind. According to the conditions of The October 14-th 1920 Tartu Peace Treaty between Soviet Russia and Finland the sides must not have on Lake Ladoga military vessels of more than 100 metric tons displacement; guns of caliber greater than 47 mm; military bases and installations. Coordinates: 59°56′N 30°20′E / 59.933°N 30.333°E / 59.933; 30.333, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments",, Military history of the Soviet Union during World War II, Articles needing additional references from March 2009, All articles needing additional references, Articles containing Russian-language text, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from July 2019, Articles needing additional references from February 2007, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. ; four armed ferries (SF-13, SF-21, SF-12, SF-26) and one infantry boat (I-6) were lost, and SF-22 was heavily damaged. In the summer, with the start of the navigable period, deliveries to the city continued thanks to the Ladoga Military Flotilla. Its snow is turned to sand. This worn-out, bombed, tormented road which knows no peace, day or night. After heavy and fierce battles, the Red Army units overcame the powerful German fortified zones to the south of Lake Ladoga, and on 18 January 1943 the two fronts met, opening a land corridor to the besieged city. The "Katyusha" («Катюша») monument, at the 17th km, near the village of Kornevo, erected in 1966 by the architects A. D. Levyenkov, P. I. Melnikov, L. V. Chulkevich and the designers G. I. Ivanov and L. V. Izyurov. The labour of the Ladoga lorry drivers is a sacred labour. In approximately the twelfth century C.E., Lake Ladoga and the Baltic Sea were completely separated beca… A minimum of 8 inches [20 cm] of ice was necessary to support a truck transporting one ton of cargo. A. Yakovlev). Photos. As a journalist, on 26th February, she had the chance to leave the city to visit a army base nearby: Lake Ladoga is an enormous plain of ice and snow-as on the Pole. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Construction of the 30 km (19 mi) long railway over piles and ice also began in December 1942. There are around 660 islands, with a total area of about 435 km . "The Crossing" («Переправа») monument, near the hamlet of Morozova, dedicated to the memory of the soldier-, The "Steel Way" («Стальной путь») plaque in the.


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