Try Cristina Bowerman's Cuttlefish spaghetti recipe for a glorious seafood pasta, or Gaetano Trovato's succulent scallop recipe served with burrata and peas. Nigella's classic recipe from her book Feast (2004) is black as death, as dense as London fog and so moreish it can be devoured in one sitting. Our favourite thing about Nigella (aside from all the innuendo, of course) is her acceptance of the fact that sometimes we need food on the table pronto. Much imitated by other chefs - but never bettered. For every viewer who salivated over the cook's crunchy chicken cutlets, there have been those confused by the baked twist on Caesar salad or baffled at her avocado toast. The lemon pavlova fallen in love with a pudding. Find them all in this stunning collection, or check out the rest of our Italian recipes to complete your meal. This recipe from Nigella's Italian-inspired book Nigellisima (2012) knocks tiramisu out of the park. Hazelnut spread plus cream cheese. Why? Italian starter recipes. Lemon curd pavlova. Filter This Page Respect. Her 'curry in a hurry' uses a shopbought curry paste and is ready in 20 minutes flat. #simplynigella. That time again. It's got rum in it. Trust me, even if it sounds odd: Peanut Butter Hummus is #recipeoftheday! Browse our collection of Italian starters and discover some inspirational dishes to try at home, whether you're looking for quick and simple recipes or something a little more challenging. The Cerea Brothers' Steamed langoustines with oil, lemon and mayonnaise is a fantastic dish that will encourage your guests to set aside their cutlery and get stuck in, while their prawn starter with tomato, basil and burrata aims to showcase the beautiful flavours of the Mediterranean. This recipe from Nigella's Italian-inspired book Nigellisima (2012) knocks tiramisu out of the park. 'Is it dreadful to say I prefer this? Ridiculously easy to make, too. There are plenty of stunning vegetarian starters to be found in this collection if you're planning a meat-free menu. #SimplyNigella At last, something I'd actually eat. If you've never put stout in your cake, you haven't lived. Nigella Lawson's latest television series, Simply Nigella, has polarised the great British public. Similarly with elements that can be prepared ahead and the only cooking required utilising the reliable sous vide water bath method, the Costardi Brothers' 'Essential aubergine' requires little hands on preparation and can be put together at the last minute with dramatic and impressive results. Nigella, pictured on the set of her new television show Simply Nigella, Legendary: Nigella's chocolate Guinness cake has inspired many imitators, Chocolate and caramel-hazelnut cake recipe, Roast grape, goat’s cheese, thyme and honey galettes recipe, Sausage, leek and pumpkin galette with Parmesan pastry recipe, The best Thanksgiving recipes, from cornbread to pumpkin pie, Salmon and spinach risotto with poached egg and herb cream recipe, Braised oxtail with star anise and orange recipe, Radicchio and red onions on white bean purée recipe, Potato, garlic and rocket soup with chilli oil recipe, Red cabbage and smoked mackerel salad recipe. Raw beef with tomatoes and mozzarella, a simple version of steak tartare showcasing the exquisite taste of quality beef, is a fantastically quick starter recipe which looks striking on the plate but takes just ten minutes to prepare. Definitely change out of that white shirt before eating. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. It is gorgeously filling, but without the slight clagginess that tahini can give," writes Nigella in Kitchen (2010). It is, she says, "what to cook when you find out mid-afternoon that you've somehow acquired 6 people for dinner that evening". Ridiculously easy to make, too. 'Trigabolo 1994' – pigeon breast salad with crispy vegetables, candied orange and balsamic vinegar, Sicilian raw and cooked red prawns, crispy amaranth, Taggiasca olive oil and beetroot sorbet, 'Travel notes' – cheese fondue with celery pesto and fruit syrup spoons, Maltagliati with clams and wild asparagus, Cuttlefish salad with plum tomatoes and snow peas, Fettuccine with sea bream tartare and black truffle, Tagliolini with squid and courgette flowers, Pasta alla chitarra with fresh mackerel ragù, capers, tomatoes and Taggiasca olives, Red prawns, lemon and honey emulsion and marinated cavolo nero, Duck breast with radicchio, orange and radishes, Cuttlefish with creamed potatoes and coffee, 'All tomato' – risotto with tomato sauce, tomato sorbet, tomato foam, tomato confit and tomato powder, Cherry tagliolini, seaweed and watermelon skin, Passatelli pie with chard, broad beans and pecorino, Onion ice cream with smoked swordfish and crispy ham, Grilled squid with aromatic herbs and smoked ricotta cream, 'Sea pizzaiola' – marinated weever fish in pizzaiola sauce, Crispy fried sea anemones with potato and parsley cream, Potato foam with eggs, pancetta, crispy onions and truffle, Prawns with foie gras, melon gazpacho and dehydrated capers, Pollo alla cacciatora – chicken cacciatore ravioli with cavolo nero sauce, Spaghetti with anchovy sauce, walnut pesto and fried scabbardfish, Tetsuya egg with spinach and asparagus salad, Risotto with egg yolk, liquorice powder and green asparagus, Red mullet with purple asparagus, mayonnaise, gin and lemon, Asparagus and bio eggs with ricotta cheese, Egg yolk ravioli with truffle and Parmesan, Gnocchi with herbs, garlic sauce and black truffle, Eel tempura with smoked lardo sauce, vinegar jelly and onion ice cream, 'Beautiful with soul' – crispy sweetbreads with beetroot ice cream, beetroot soil and yoghurt, 'Pop' – marinated mackerel with leek, potato and katsuobushi broth, Cold spaghetti at 4925 km – cold spaghetti with prawns in tomato and anchovy sauce, Amberjack vermicelli with cauliflower and mussels, Raw scallops, three sauces and black lemon, Chilli and garlic spaghetti with mussels and pickled seaweed, 'My father' – crunchy lasagne with vegetables, Robiola cheese and Praga ham sauce, Tagliatelle of squid with dehydrated squid ink, Confit cod with onion sauce and mullet roe, Red prawns, coconut, passion fruit and coriander, 'Rosemary's ceci' – squid with rosemary and chickpeas, 'Don't take the bone away from Mario' – veal bone marrow and tartare, Pappardelle with Tuscan beans, wine reduction and steak extract, Mezzelune ravioli with artichokes, pecorino and thyme, 'Ligurian cod' – salt cod with tomato, olive cream and potato, 'Essential aubergine' – sous vide aubergine with pesto and passata, Rice tagliatelle, red mullet, peppers and bottarga, 'The Mediterranean' – red prawns with burrata, tomato and basil, Tagliolini with tuna, aubergine cream and burrata, Langoustines with aubergine, seaweed and fusilloni, Cotechino with king prawns, green tomato and yuzu, Cold tomato gazpacho with peach sorbet, lemon verbena cannellini cream and herbs, Grilled octopus with green beans and potatoes, flavoured with wild fennel, Beef carpaccio with pink pepper, rocket and sun-dried tomatoes, Tuscan-style oeufs en meurette, Chianti reduction, spinach and confit black truffle, Tallutzas with prawn sauce and wedge clams, Roasted eel with garlic, rosemary and buttered polenta, Beef tartare with sesame cannelloni and olive oil and chive sauce, Steamed langoustines with oil, lemon and light mayonnaise, 'Iris' – Rainbow pasta with Italian fish stew, Asparagus risotto with confit tomato and black olive, Scallops with peas, burrata and candied tomatoes, Tortelli, suckling pig, leek, asparagus and liquorice, Tagliatelle of cuttlefish with nori pesto and fried quinoa, 'Picnic in Mazara del Vallo' – shellfish with red onion cream, Ravioli with garden trimmings, chamomile, tequila and almond milk, Provolone and ricotta-stuffed squid with yellow pepper sauce, Prawn tartare with pico de gallo, hummus and prawn crackers, Ray cheeks, black garlic, peas and tapioca, Ravioli with lobster, foie gras, potatoes and saffron, Fusilli with sea urchin and chicory purée, Pink gnocchi with a green core and ricotta cream, Braised octopus with sour cherries, sour cream and rosemary smoke, Roasted aubergine with burrata, basil and confit tomato, Cannelloni with couscous, mango and alfafa sprouts, Risotto with Caciocavallo cheese, apricots, coffee and celery powder, Luciana-style octopus - polpo alla Luciana, Healthy gazpacho with fermented vegetables, Cuttlefish and cardoncelli tartare with friselline and cuttlefish ink sauce, Glazed octopus with green tea tempura, root and sea vegetables and Jerusalem artichoke cream, Annurca apple risolio seasoned with caper powder, Cold tomato soup, smoked cod, marinated anchovies, buffalo ricotta and green chillies, Burrata rolled in Kataifi pastry with unripe tomato sauce, Capocollo ham of Martina Franca and dehydrated olives, 'Coast sensations' - fried pizza with anchovies, Cappelletti of rabbit, Raschera cheese cream and foam of dried mushrooms, Spaghetti, clams and grilled plum cherry tomatoes, Buckwheat dubloons, pea cream, yuzu and lemon 'broth', Seafood soup with fregula, basil and citrus, Bonito and radicchio with sweet and sour soy sauce, Spaghetti alla chitarra with plum tomato sauce, olive paté and basil, 'Picnic in Liguria' – deep-fried calf's brain with lemon kimchi and courgette flowers, Passata of San Marzano tomatoes with buffalo ricotta and pesto, Red onion risotto with foie gras and spiced coffee, ‘Eggs at the spa’ – pea cream and crispy pancetta, Crunchy mullet with parsley and anchovy cream and candied rhubarb, Tomato salad with fermented ricotta cream and Bloody Mary sauce, Italian wedding soup with chicken tortelli, Spaghetti with Piennolo tomatoes and burrata, Fried puff of squid ink stuffed with burrata, raw prawn, mandarin and tarragon oil, Beetroot pasta, red onion, yoghurt, oysters and caviar, Arancino 2.0 – ‘Yarn balls’ stuffed with rice, buffalo mozzarella, tomato and basil, Beetroot gnocchi, beer soil and daikon cream, Ravioli with sheep's milk ricotta, spinach, tomato sauce and basil, Barbecued potato salad with ricotta salata and dandelion, King prawns and squid with Ligurian sauce, Pickled cherry peppers stuffed with tuna, capers, and anchovy, Rigatoni with shiso pesto, guanciale and Amatriciana sauce, Pan-fried zander with kohlrabi water, caper powder and chicory grumolo, Vialone Nano risotto creamed with lemon jam, raw prawns, clams and Bronte pistachio oil, Chicory ravioli with fig, lemon and greens, Orecchiette with watercress purée, bergamot and mussels, Smoked mackerel with tomato water and basil, Squid ink pasta with mussels, calamari crackling and mozzarella purée, Tartare with garden vegetables and petals of Parmesan, Baccalá with Jerusalem artichokes and smoked herring, Nettle gnocchi with fois gras cream and grape caviar, 'Raw fish' – mixed sashimi with margarita mousse, wafers and port reduction, Tortelli with Parmesan, lavender, nutmeg and almond, Spaghettini with herbs and ‘battuda di malga’, Smoked duck breast salad with Grana Padano sauce, hazelnuts and bonito, Prawns with dried scallops and roasted almond cream, Squid and tinniruma ravioli with anchovy sauce, Bruschetta with foie gras, anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea, apples and Monte Accas cheese mousse, Seared venison, pistachio purée, lemon honey and wasabi rice chips, 'Super' – spaghettini with squid and candied lemon, Fave e cicoria – fava bean purée with wild chicory, 'Old traditions' – sweet and sour vegetables, 'Anchovy painting' – anchovy with bottarga mayonnaise, Whole wheat fusilli with courgette and goat's cheese, Cured mackerel with sweet pickled vegetables, Char from Val Passiria with peas and horseradish, Panzanella salad – ‘Man shall not live by bread alone’, Pistachio fettuccine, mortadella emulsion and leek powder, Canederli – speck, cheese and bread dumplings, Benedetto Cavalieri spaghettone with red prawns and wild fennel, Snails, sweet garlic cream and vegetable crisps, Liquid Caprese – mozzarella with tomato and dashi broth, Red prawns with lemon water and pineapple sage flowers, Veal tartare with figs, hazelnuts and anchovy butter, Vinschger cheese tortellini, pine oil, truffle and barley, Wild garlic and ricotta ravioli with lamb soup, Morels, salsify purée, beetroot sponge, squid crackers, Tempura vegetables with paper of raw vegetables, Red mullet with capers, black olive and tomato, 'The super tartare' - beef tartare with truffle caviar, Sweet and sour prawns with ginger and pink pepper, 'The centre of the world' – risotto with ginger, shiitake mushroom, daikon and miso sauce, Pecorino-stuffed artichokes with guanciale and black truffle, Steamed langoustines with oil, lemon and mayonnaise.


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