Wait until the little hairs are at 80% brown before you harvest your plants. As soon as you start seeing the leaf tips of your different plants starting to touch, it’s time to begin the flowering phase. Hi guy. Now; You can add 4 gallons of water to top it off when needed before a fresh full bucket of nutrients must be refreshed. Here is a little picture gallery from the harvest. Keep up the humidity levels by spraying your plants with a plant spray on a daily basis. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please let me know. For growers who are just getting started, understanding more about hydroponics, including what it is and how it works, is crucial to finding success when using this process. If you have 4 gallons in a "bubbler", you can add up to 4 gallons before having to change solution I have used your auto flower and non autoflower […]. PH 5.8... Groffrey, Timing of watering events is determined by how liong it takes for the medium to dry out after a watering. i.e. The roots of the plant being grown will be in direct contact with nutrients being delivered by the water reservoir. We only water during lights on, which you seem to understand. Each step in the process helps ensure the plants being grown in the hydroponic system are receiving the nutrients needed for superior health and growth. great reading when you refer to 1st & 2nd week of vegetative phase does it starts about 4 weeks after the seed germinates and when cloning the veggie state you would start counting the weeks right after you established a small root system outside of the net cup? Happy growing. And yes I tried all the recommended processes . Hydro solution should be changed every week to 10 days (2 weeks maximum. They can keep their pills, because I love my bud! Learning alot from your instructions. The entire system should be set up and running for at least a full day (24 hours). Amount of light: 100%Light distance from plants: 20 inchesLight duration: 12 hours per dayTemperature day/night: 80/67Humidity: 50%pH level: 5.5TDS/EC: 1150/2.3. If your hand is uncomfortable under the light, your marijuana plants definitely are. How often should I replace my reservoir water? Great seeds from i49 seed bank will point you in the right direction, but each grower must take responsibility for all the feeding choices they make after the seeds have germinated. I'm in Australia with 4 single buckets going its and daily I have to make sure the ph n ppms are on point need to link them all to a resivor that's for sure so its less work I'm using proffessor a+b proffessor greener as cal mag and seaweed solition and now just turned them I'm using nimbin flower blue for budding going ok 1st dwc. I did 750ppm on week two and noticed burnt tips immediately. Amount of light: 100%Light distance from plants: 20 inchesLight duration: 12 hours per dayTemperature day/night: 80/67 degrees FahrenheitHumidity: 50%pH level: 5.8TDS/EC: 1200/2.4. A 5 gallon bucket holds about 4 gallons allowing the netpot to be just at water level. Write down what the plants are fed, when they are fed, and how they respond to the nutrients given. Any help out there? It is possible to purchase an array of nutrients. What does EC stand for??? I ordered 10 seeds and got 20 . First time It turned out to be hemp! But what to do with leaves? I am currently feeding three times daily, for 18 hour veg. There are several nutrients available for use with hydroponic systems. That being said, be sure the temperature doesn’t get to be too high. An example of this would be if a grower notices that they are not increasing the vegetative nutrients fast enough to provide what is needed to maintain the size of the plants, or that the bud growth is lacking during certain weeks. Hope this helps.


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