More She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Wiki. The cool princess of Salineas. That doesn't mean she's emotionless; she just finds it hard to express her true feelings. Mermista Relative(s) After this, Entrapta tries to get away, but Mermista pulls her back by her prehensile hair, like Horde Prime in a later episode, relenting only when convinced that Entrapta cares about Glimmer. Perfuma. Color After the Heart of Etheria is activated the Princesses all surge with newfound power. They arrive in Salineas to find that the kingdom is woefully under staffed and in jeopardy of falling to the Horde. Reply. Mermista made sure that she stayed on track when the Horde spotted them and began to attack. Mermista is unsure about Entrapta's relationship with Hordak. Mermista - Old vs. New by witchylizzy. Does merMISTA hate number 4? Mermista revealed she once set a boat on fire to see what it felt like when, She seems to be the only member of The Rebellion to question. Mermista fell from her vortex that she was using to destroy a Horde ship, and collapsed as did the other princesses. She bravely travelled the sewers of The Fright Zone to free Glimmer and Bow. King-Dragonlord. After Bow and Glimmer were abducted by the Horde, Mermista, Perfuma, Sea Hawk and Entrapta volunteered to rescue Glimmer with Adora and mounted a daring escape. She temporally split from the Alliance, saying it was being together that caused Entrapta's supposed death. Adora transforms into She-Ra, bowling the Horde sailors over, and everyone works together to fight off the outpouring Horde sailors, singing together in glee-styled rock anthem. Glimmer, Bow, Adora and Sea Hawk arrive just before the Horde does. Heart Part 2 She is happy to be reunited with Sea Hawk, but questions Entrapta and Hordak's relationship. Entrapta apologized and with reckless abandon rushed toward the spire to get the signal and find Glimmer's location. At the end of Season Five, Sea Hawk proposed his love for Mermista during their battle. It is unclear if they met prior to the Princess Prom. Often when claiming that he's not her "plus one" but simply "her ride", she is seen blushing and looking off, as if she doesn't believe what she's saying. Castaspella then joins her, and together they reshape the magic to completely encapsulate the rushing waters in a sorcerous bubble, which they launch at Mermista and the clones, briefly halting the fight once more. On the battlefield, the princesses are beleaguered by Mermista, Scorpia, and the rest of Horde Prime's forces. Only to see the stars and Horde Prime's Fleet surround Etheria. A dark shadow has been cast over the planet. Allegiance Then via video link Mermista told Adora and her team to leave to rescue Glimmer quickly. Mermista knows that The Horde will stop at nothing to conquer all of Etheria and she is the only member of the people of Salineas who supports the Rebellion. Mermista blessed her plan and sent Scorpia and Frosta as Entrapta's back-up while she and Perfuma distracted the rest of the bots. Sea Hawk is shown to have some insecurities about his relationship with Mermista in the episode "White Out". Mermista is the "cool girl" and her attitude usually appears to be blunt and unimpressed. Mermista is the princess of Salineas and member of the Princess Alliance in the Rebellion. She had to rescue Adora who had recklessly attacked way too many bots on her own. They insist on going as well and tell Shadow Weaver to "make that thing bigger", referring to her sorcerers glyphs. After the hero's free Glimmer and Bow and think that Entrapta has died, Mermista insists on going home and leaves the Princess Alliance. His irritations finally get through to the real Mermista, who complains, "why are you like this?" Salineas She wears a teal tracksuit with dark scales and a gold collar, gold and teal pauldrons, golden bracelets, golden ear cuffs, and gold and teal high-top sneakers.


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