As the cow’s teats take a further 30 minutes to close up again, an iodine dip is applied to prevent infections. In CAFOs, cows who are naturally grazing animals and have four distinct areas of their stomachs to help them digest grass, are denied access to pasture. The manure from 200 milking cows produces as much nitrogen as sewage from a community of 5,000 to 10,000 people. Milk is aggressively marketed to people, even though it makes them sick, because others make money from it. Or they may be shot in the head on their very first day of life. If a cow is sick, their milk is kept separate from the rest and either thrown away or fed to the other animals on the farm. It poisons the air and causes respiratory problems in people who live nearby, and it gets into the land and waterways where its impact is catastrophic. Dairy farming is one of the most environmentally damaging industries on the planet, and for multiple reasons. So, America’s nine million dairy cows produce the same waste nitrogen as between 225 and 450 million people. In all, 80 percent of the world’s soy crop is fed to farmed animals making animal agriculture a key driver of deforestation and decimation of wildlife. When you pick up a pint of milk from the shop, you probably don’t consider how it got there. New How It Works Book of Junior Science now on sale! Check out these simple recipes and you’ll never go back! tail docking was practiced at 82.3 percent of the dairies. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. First, it meant that communities were no longer quite so reliant on crops that could fail, and second, milk was less likely to harm them than their local contaminated water supplies. The United States comes second, with just under 100 million metric tons of milk produced each year. Dairy farming is cruel because cows suffer emotionally. How It Works went to visit Knaveswell Farm in the beautiful Dorset countryside, to find out how a dairy farm is run and lend a helping hand in the milking shed. Dairy farming must rank among the cruelest industries on the planet. These days, machines are used to help the farmer milk several cows at once. 6:00pm – The herd is fed again, then beds down in the barn during winter, or goes back into the fields during summer. If you have a tablet or smartphone, you can also download the digital version onto your iOS or Android device. It’s not just milk that is produced on a dairy farm, though. Mastitis is undoubtedly painful, but each day, every day, those same infected teats are inserted into machinery to have the milk drawn from them. What could be more natural than a fully grown weaned adult human being drinking the breast milk of a different species? Home science experiments: How to make invisible ink. Wouldn’t these vital resources be better used in the production of nutritious plant-based foods that are sustainable and essential for optimal health? 5:00am – The farmer herds up the cows ready to be milked. The co-evolution of milk tolerance and dairy-farming went hand-in-hand until today when there are 264 million cows in dairy farms all over the world. It can take a couple of minutes for pulsating air to squeeze out all the milk, then when no more is left, the suction stops and the teat cups automatically detach. After all, they produce milk for their young, too. same combined greenhouse gas emissions as the UK. Why are there so many cows and so much milk when so few people can digest it? In summer they graze on grass outside and in winter they are fed silage indoors. Unable to nuzzle their mothers or find comfort in a herd, they are all alone, often chained, and able only to stand up or lie down until they are old enough to be impregnated and milked. Of course, we all know that milk comes from cows, but what about the hard work that goes into raising, feeding and milking them? Suddenly, milk doesn’t seem quite so wholesome, does it? It’s available from all good retailers, or online from the ImagineShop. If they are not eating enough then the farmer is notified, as this could be a sign of poor health. You need to boycott milk, too. nine million dairy cows raised in the US. How loud would stars be if space was full of air? And suffer. Every day that pregnancy is delayed is a day’s loss of milk, and so pregnancy is not left to chance. If you hate the thought of a baby animal being confined, chained, deliberately kept weak and anemic and slaughtered young, it’s not enough to boycott veal. To find out more about how a dairy farm is run, including exactly how a milking machine works and the life and diet of a dairy cow, pick up a copy of Issue 73 of How It Works. Shockingly, the biggest dairy companies in the world have the same combined greenhouse gas emissions as the UK, the sixth biggest economy in the world. We want every ounce of milk from each cow, and we cannot spare even a drop for the calf for whom the milk was made. 12:00pm – The farmer checks the health of the herd and then manages the crops and food stocks. It has nothing to do with the taste or suitability of the product. Scale that up for the nine million dairy cows raised in the US, and it’s obvious that this is just too much manure to spread on the land as fertilizer. This is controlled by an automatic feeding station, which uses antenna to recognise each cow based on signals received from a transponder strapped around its neck. As well as making things easier for the farmer, this system is also useful for monitoring the cow’s health. You can make them at home cheaply and easily. In developed countries, dairy farms typically consist of high producing dairy cows. There can be no more ruthless industry than the dairy industry. According to the EPA, excess nutrients from agriculture, including chemical fertilizers and dairy manure, are a major source of water pollution across the US. And yet, almost 100 percent of people with Asian, African and Native American ancestry develop lactose intolerance by adulthood, while in black communities, the incidence is over 70 percent. California, however, has more cows and produces the most milk, followed by Wisconsin, Idaho, New York and Texas. Win a Christmas bundle worth over £1,500! Humans didn’t always drink the milk of another species. 11:00am – Any dung produced by the cows indoors is cleared out and spread on the fields as fertiliser. The males obviously can’t produce milk and as they are the wrong breed to put on muscle for beef, farmers won’t waste feed on them. Cows have needs and desires, but in modern intensive farms they are afforded nothing that makes their lives worthwhile. The veal industry is inextricably tied to the dairy industry. A typical dairy cow will produce 30 litres (eight gallons) of milk per day. Since the average dairy farm makes a financial loss, this whole industry survives only because of subsidies. Despite increased production, the number of dairy farms in the US has actually decreased significantly. An organic farm will stick to using natural fertilisers, such as the cows’ dung, and nothing else to nourish the crops, while a conventional farm might use pesticides and artificial fertilisers to aid growth. And there is an immense biological price to pay for being near-constantly pregnant while simultaneously milked. However, most Europeans do have this gene, and this genetic change in homo sapiens came into being around 7,500 years ago. In other words, taxpayers are picking up the check even though 65 percent of the population can’t digest the product.


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