We contemplate how an object that inflicted suffering and death reveals the glory and power of God. RELIGION October 28, 2019 . But in … Amen. Explain the meaning of the Sign of the Cross to your children and be sure that even the little ones are taught how to make it. Free eBook: The Books of the New Testament, Study different symbols and types of crosses, history and/or significance. September 14, 2019 This Feast also gives the Church an opportunity to relish the full glory of the Cross as a source of light, hope, and victory for Christ’s people. Although usually made on Good Friday, Hot Cross Buns would be appropriate for this day. September 14 is Holy Cross Day, the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, the Triumph of the Cross. The calendar of the Church of England's Book of Common Prayer (1662) gives two separate festivals. Through the Cross, the power and wisdom of God have been revealed. *** Please make time for silent prayer and reflection in preparation for the worship of Almighty God. For Roman Catholics this feast takes precedence over the Sunday in Ordinary Time, for Anglicans it can be observed on the Sunday or on the next suitable weekday. It commemorates the recovery of the Holy Cross, which had been placed on Mt. Additionally, 14 September is listed as the celebration of "Holy Cross Day". | Pope Saint John Paul II, The Cross of Christ Is a Source of Peace | Pope Saint John Paul II, We hail you, O Cross of Christ! Learn and pray the prayer to Christ Crucified; pray the Stations of the Cross. The Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, celebrated every year on September 14, recalls three historical events: the finding of the True Cross by Saint Helena, the mother of the emperor Constantine; the dedication of churches built by Constantine on the site of the Holy Sepulchre and Mount Calvary; and the restoration of the True Cross to Jerusalem by the emperor Heraclius II. This feast was observed in Rome before the end of the seventh century. He was canonized in 1191. The tray is placed on a table, and the priest takes the Cross and offers petitions from each side of the table, the four directions of the compass. Calvary by St. Helena and preserved in Jerusalem, but then had fallen into the hands of Chosroas, King of the Persians. On the 14th of September, the Greek Orthodox Church commemorates the Feast of the Universal Exaltation of the Precious and Life-Giving Cross, which is a blessed day and a celebration of the tremendous power of the Cross of our Lord. This holiday is also known as “The Triumph of the Cross” in the Roman Catholic Church and as the “Exaltation of the Holy Cross” in the eastern church. Old Calendar: Exaltation of the Holy Cross; St. Maternus, bishop (Hist); St. Notburga, virgin (Hist); St. Peter of Tarentaise, archbishop (Hist) ; Other Titles: Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Today, at the Baptism of Christ, God has revealed even more about Himself. Symbol: The cross of triumph is usually pictured as a globe with the cross on top, symbolic of the triumph of our Savior over the sin of the world, and world conquest of His Gospel through the means of a grace (cross and orb). Please join us after worship for a time of fellowship over a cup of coffee. Miray Maher Friday March 8th, 2019 Sunday School In our Coptic Church, we celebrate the Feast of the Cross of our Lord twice every year: on Tout 16 (around mid-September) and the 10th of Baramhat which is March 19th of this year. We exalt it by affirming that the Cross sanctifies to the ends of the world.


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