There is not a legal requirement that the father’s details are included on the birth certificate even if there is no doubts about who the father is or for the child to be given the father’s surname. The Hauser Forum, 3 Charles Babbage Road, Cambridge, CB3 0GT, © Copyright All Rights Reserved Cambridge Network, Applied Science Consultant - Physics and Electronics in medical sensing. When the mother is pregnant the father does not have any rights to contact or to make decisions relating to the pregnancy. It is possible for Children’s Services to become involved with a mother before she has given birth to the child. This article first appeared in Biolines, a fortnightly biotechnology column emphasising legal, ethical and social issues. 3400152 Both married and unmarried fathers have somewhat limited rights regarding their unborn child, especially relating to whether or not the mother can have an abortion. Since the Human Rights Act became law in 2000, all UK legislation must be interpreted so as to be consistent with the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). However the relevant law is likely to come under close examination. A father cannot have parental responsibility for a child until after it is born. They had chosen not to prosecute two doctors who were involved in the late abortion of a foetus, which had been diagnosed as suffering from a cleft palate. Permission to challenge such a public law decision must be obtained from the High Court, and it is only given if the person seeking that permission has sufficient legal 'standing' in the particular case. However, Rev Jepson is not just questioning the meaning of section1(d) of the Abortion Act. If the mother does not inform Children’s Services of who the father is or refuses to share his contact details then Children’s Services are not required to try to locate him. Working Together to Safeguard Children guidelines. Children’s Services cannot control the mother’s actions but can monitor the situation. Where this is impossible, a declaration of incompatibility must be made. To use this service please use the relevant link below. If Children’s Services have concerns about the father before the child is born then they can only make recommendations that the mother does not have contact with him; they cannot legally prevent her from spending time with him if she wishes to. This case has led to much heated debate over whether or not a cleft palate should be sufficient grounds for abortion. 26 January 2004 If the father is aware of the involvement of Children’s Services whilst the mother is pregnant then he can contact them to make them aware that he wishes to be included in the child’s life and, if there is a possibility that the child will be removed from the mother’s care when born, that he would like to be considered for the child to be placed with him. Both the father and Children’s Services can make any applications to the Family Court relating to the child from the day when the child is born. Judicial review is the process by which the courts determine whether a public body has lawfully exercised its executive power. When the mother is pregnant the father does not have any rights to contact or to make decisions relating to the pregnancy. Coram Children’s Legal Centre cannot be held responsible if changes to the law outdate this publication. Child Law Advice is provided by Coram Children's Legal Centre, the UK's leading legal children's charity, and is part of the Coram group. if not what has to be done ? responsibility over the child, or an order of residency.


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