Go Back to main page of Eternal Darkness Cheats, Tips & Secrets . Some of which can be combined with other objects, even enchanted wit… Watch Queue Queue. | Submitted by CenturionZ_1. Stage Select Eternal Darkness Eternal Mode for Eternal Darkness - GameCube: Eternal Mode; Complete the game under three Ancient's (with data carried over). Remember use your save data when starting a new game. God Mode: Beat the game a third time to unlock ''Eternal Mode'' -- basically Invincibility. Eternal Mode is accessible from the Jump to Game option only: Secret Ending: Beat the game three times with each of the three paths, and you should see a special ending movie. The inventory system stores weapons and items that can be used to solve puzzles. An in-game map tracks a player's bearings. Watch Queue Queue The game is conducted from a third-person perspective. This video is unavailable. While the gameplay operates similar to Resident Evil – fighting monsters and solving puzzles to further explore a location – Eternal Darkness maintains notable differences in gameplay style, some of which distinguished it from other survival horrorgames of its time. Ask questions and discuss about Eternal Mode for Eternal Darkness


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