Differential offers will be one or two grades below Warwick’s standard offer (to a minimum of BBB). Please read our terms and conditions to find out more. Individuals also progress into graduate study. You'll be equipped with important skills of both academic and vocational value, being an essential part of the intellectual training of an economist and also useful for your future career. A level: A*AA to include A in Mathematics. If you’re successful in gaining a Study Abroad placement, your degree programme will become a four year programme and, assuming you pass sufficient modules whilst abroad, the title of your course changes to add the suffix 'with Study Abroad' to the existing title (e.g. The final degree classification is determined by your second and final year marks and each contributes 50%. It plays a part in every aspect of modern life, using scientific methods to develop theoretical models of behaviour and testing intuition with empirical analysis of markets, institutions and public policy. Have you ever considered how the global economy got to be where it is today? This is even more the case for final year modules, where the assessment methods vary widely depending on the modules chosen. International Students foundation programme providers. These include Law, Mathematics, Business and Languages. Studying overseas can add immeasurably to your personal development, future study and career opportunities. A-level: BBB BTEC: DDM IB: 33 points overall with Three HL subjects at 655. This is something we also emphasise through our 360 guest lecture series. You will spend time on the use of mathematical concepts in the field for analysis, and cover important principles of general equilibrium and social welfare, market failure, choice and uncertainty, and static and dynamic games of complete and incomplete information. You will receive approximately 3 hours of contact time per day, making 15 hours on average per week. It will teach you to abstract and simplify economic problems, both empirically and theoretically, developing a deep knowledge of global and local economic trends, institutions and policies. On our economics undergraduate course, you will develop a variety of specialised skills, highly sought-after in today’s challenging economic environment. Find out more about this widget and the data it talks about. Find out more about the Warwick Undergraduate Global Excellence Scholarship 2021. They offer impartial advice and guidance together with tailored workshops and events throughout the year. This information is applicable for 2021 entry. You should therefore avoid subjects with significantly overlapping curricula where possible - for example, Economics and Business Studies. Our selectors value a breadth of subjects. To start an economics-based degree course, you usually need at least five GCSEs (A-C), plus three A levels (or equivalent), including maths or economics. Standard English language requirements apply. Your lecture size will naturally vary, especially for the optional modules, but also for core lectures. Search for a course to see its full entry requirements, modules and topics you’ll cover, plus lots more. Study economics for a constantly changing world. We currently offer an exciting range of opportunities for you to spend a year abroad. By the end, you will have acquired the skills to understand economic data and have the ability to use a statistical package to analyse data. Academic entry requirements reflect the strong competition for places. You will usually have more formative assessments in year one than in years two and three. You can update your cookie preferences at any time. International Baccalaureate Diploma: 6,6,6 at Higher Level with a minimum of 32 points overall. Examples of economics degree requirements. You will be able to use the correct terminology and measurement practices of macroeconomics. Offers are made based on your UCAS form which includes predicted and actual grades, your personal statement and school reference. The first year consists of four core modules and up to two options. This new scheme will offer international fee-paying students 250 tuition fee discounts ranging from full fees to awards of £13,000 to £2,000 for the full duration of your Undergraduate degree course. Typically you’ll need business sense, organisational skills and to be good with numbers. Learn more about international entry requirements. A postgraduate degree in economics is highly desirable. A degree in economics will give you a range of subject-specific skills from statistical analysis and an understanding of economic theory and modelling approaches to the ability to apply economic reasoning to policy issues in a critical manner.


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