I used the hot smoking method for smoking the bacon and this happens at a much higher temperature. The smoking temperature for cold smoked bacon is obviously on the lower side, under 100F. Bacon can be ready in less than two weeks. Smoke at 200-225° F until bacon reaches an internal temperature of 150° F. This should take 2-3 hours depending on your smoker’s temperature and the thickness of the pork belly. You’ll learn the type of meat you’ll need, and I’ll share […] Filed Under: Food , summer Tagged With: bacon , cold smoking bacon , curing bacon , homemade bacon , pork belly , smoking meat Cold smoking, of course, is different to hot smoking in that it only flavours the produce, it doesn't cook it. When cold smoking, the internal temperature of the meat is not monitored.. the temperature of the smoke is kept at or under the desired temperature. For centuries, curing and smoking meats preserved them prior to refrigeration. After cold smoking, the bacon will be sliced and fried or cooked before using. Cold smoking at 52-71° F (12-22° C), from 1-14 days, applying thin smoke with occasional breaks in between, is one of the oldest preservation methods. Cold smoking is a great way to preserve the bacon and is an essential part of the overall curing process.Unfortunately, not a lot of people are aware of the proper way to cold smoke the bacon. And you won’t believe how much better homemade bacon is than store bought bacon! Popular temperatures for cold smoking is around 75F. Cold smoking aids in preserving bacon, and serves as part of the curing process. The Basics of Cold Smoking The magic substance that makes it all happen… Cold smoking meat is different from hot smoking in that you do it in the fall and winter months when the air temperature is below 40 degrees. Cold-smoking takes longer than hot smoking, because it's performed at a low temperature. Curing hams the old way takes months if the ham is smoked. Cold smoking bacon is a much longer process and more closely resembles the bacon you would buy in the store. The cold air keeps it from getting too hot in the smoke house thereby cooking the meat. Experts recommend against using salt alone as a … This process has in fact been used for many centuries in smoking and curing meats in order to preserve them before refrigeration. We cannot produce cold smoke if the outside temperature is 90° F (32° C), unless we can cool it down, which is what some industrial smokers do. Ham and bacon, pork products cured with a combination of salt, nitrites or nitrates and seasonings, can be made at home. After bacon is done curing, remove it from the bag, give it a rinse to remove excess salt, and pat it dry. Refrigerate bacon to cool completely before slicing.


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