They are migratory and most winter in northern South America and the Caribbean, generally not migrating as far as the blue-winged teal. Blue-winged and cinnamon teal are among several species of waterfowl and other migratory birds that benefit from wetlands conserved by Ducks Unlimited of Mexico (DUMAC). Cinnamon teal have an average length of 16 inches and an average weight of 15 ounces. 77 pp. Competition and hostile behaviors of blue-winged and cinnamon teal in western Montana. It uses freshwater and also highly alkaline waters. The Cinnamon Teal hen can easily be mistaken with the Blue-winged Teal hen. Dwyer, G. L. 1976. It can be hunted in the Parque Fernando. Generally not in coastal salt marshes. Econ Incorporated. thesis. RANGE: Cinnamon Teal breeds from southern Canada, southwards to central Mexico, eastwards to western Nebraska. Habitat: Marshes, fresh ponds. The Cinnamon Teal inhabits marshes, lakes, shallow ponds, and streams with low growing reeds and other plants at the edges. M.A. Cinnamon teal are extremely rare visitors to South Carolina. 1973-1975. While many of our marsh ducks are found from coast to coast, the Cinnamon Teal is strictly western. Both hen and drake have a pale blue shoulder patch on the front edge of the wing. The female Cinnamon Teal builds her nests underneath dead reeds and plant stems where she lays 9-12 eggs which hatch after about three weeks. HABITAT: Cinnamon Teal is common in marshes, ponds and lakes. Cinnamon Teal distribution map. Range Cinnamon teal can be found in all 4 flyways during migration. University of Montana, Missoula. Legend: = Core Habitat = Marginal Habitat. Cinnamon teal generally select new mates each year. The habitat diversity and utilization analysis of the major wildlife species on a portion of the Colstrip 10x20 area. South American races may use wider variety of habitats. Cinnamon Teal Habitat. It is found also in South America. Their breeding habitat is marshes and ponds in western United States and extreme southwestern Canada, and are rare visitors to the east coast of the United States. Cinnamon Teal Life Cycle. The Cinnamon Tealis a class 1 duck. It prefers shallow water bordered by low grassy growth. The Cinnamon Teal is one of three species of ducks found in the game, along the Mallard and the Harlequin Duck. Cinnamon teal, which have similar migration habits as blue-winged teal, largely winter in Mexico and Central America, where they intermingle with wintering bluewings in some areas. Cinnamon Teal, Anas cyanoptera, are a western species. Cinnamon Teal hens are warmer brown, slightly larger and heavier-billed than Blue-winged Teal hens. In the Pacific flyway, cinnamon teal are far more common than blue-wings. Distribution. The drake is reddish brown overall. Favors fresh or alkaline shallow lakes, extensive marshes. In migration, may pause on any kind of small pond or reservoir.


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