Aurora Organic Dairy Commits to 100% Carbon-Neutral Energy in Its Fourth Sustainability Report Strengthens commitment to its Animals, People and the Planet … A European dairy cooperative is tackling climate change head on, promising to make its supply chain carbon neutral by 2050. This initiative aims to raise awareness of the diverse career opportunities available in the sector to non-farming audiences. Flinders + Co Managing Director James Madden said that the decision was in part driven by consumers willingness to pay a premium for carbon neutral meat. ‘Major hardship’ warning as Defra chief confirms income foregone ELMs payments, 78 meat factory workers test positive for Covid-19, Devolved Ministers demand U-turn on Treasury plans to cut £455m of rural funding, Green tractor scheme tackles industry's plastic recycling, Brazil looks to showcase sustainability credentials, Three Nations Suffolk sale tops at 15,000gns, Scottish direct payments will not distort UK market after Brexit, says Eustice, 'This week’s spending review will do nothing to boost economic growth in the countryside' - Chancellor delivers spending review, Farmers in England are set to lose 50 per cent of their direct payments by 2024, The CropTec Show: Addressing the crop protection challenge, The CropTec Show: Footing the cost of climate neutral food, OSR plantings fall to lowest in over 30 years, How to build staff loyalty Arable unit: John Haynes, farm manager, Government has ‘watered down’ food standards protections, says FBSC, Keeping an eye on the grain market - November 26 update, EA urges farmers to check waste management processes or face enforcement action, Vegans and vegetarians at higher risk of bone fractures, study suggests, ‘Amazing yield achievements’ despite challenging season as YEN winners announced, Cheap fungicide programmes produced top margins, Farmers urged not to delay their sustainability journey, GCSE in natural history 'a great opportunity' to link farming and children, Rural communities and businesses reliant on upland producers, Global travels spark fresh ideas for Nuffield Scholars, Sarkley herd tops Limousin trade at Welshpool, Pringo leads Welshpool Charolais at 6,000gns, Prioritise meat factory workers in Covid-19 Vaccine list, New targets for antibiotic use aim to build on past success, Efficiency and cost gains from grazing sheep on fodder beet. The Farm Carbon Toolkit is a social enterprise run by farmers for farmers, providing practical advice, carbon calculation and a toolkit for farmers and growers, backed up by robust science, to increase awareness and understanding of greenhouse gas emissions within agriculture and the potential for carbon sequestration. As a business we are also stepping up our transformation to more sustainable operations using non-fossil fuels, renewable energy, sustainable packaging and less waste with a wide range of new initiatives that we will unfold during 2019 and onwards,” says Arla Foods CEO Peder Tuborgh. Operationally, the company has reduced emissions from the farm gate to the consumer by 22.5% since 2005, despite a 40% increase in milk production. We are committed to playing our part in addressing climate change for the emissions we produce on-farm. Existing sustainability initiatives have already led to improvements with Arla farmers reducing Co2 emission per kg of milk by 24% since 1990. Arla Foods and its 10,300 farmer owners launch their most ambitious targets so far to accelerate the transition to sustainable dairy production with intensified focus on the farms. A dairy firm is pledging to make its operations carbon-neutral from cow to supermarket by 2050, including more than 2,000 farms in the UK. Join Farmers Guardian Editor Ben Briggs, and Head of News and Business Olivia Midgley, for weekly thought-provoking and lighthearted debate around the key issues affecting farming, food and the countryside right now. “Arla farmers are excellent and progressive farm managers and Arla will support them as much as possible with tools, new technology and new knowledge from scientists and experts. There is also a push for farmers to increase the amount of carbon captured and stored on-farm, and improve biodiversity. Visit the UK’s leading indoor agricultural event, with eleven packed halls of the very latest in agricultural machinery and equipment. Arla Foods, which represents 10,300 farmers across Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, announced the target as part of a new ‘climate ambition’ which will see the cooperative’s greenhouse gas emissions reduced to 30 per cent per kilo of milk over the next decade. “Becoming carbon neutral is our first big step in trying to show that even our industry — one that is becoming increasingly maligned for perceived environmental issues — can still make positive change for the future.”, © Copyright document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); The Lucas Group | All Rights Reserved | ABN: 27 058 587 278 | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions, European Dairy Cooperative To Be Carbon Neutral by 2050. A European dairy cooperative is tackling climate change head on, promising to make its supply chain carbon neutral by 2050. Your one stop shop for all agricultural sales. Earlier this month, Melbourne-based Flinders + Co set a world first as the only meat supplier to be completely carbon neutral. Arla Foods has already run a series of emissions audits for their members, producing climate assessments for each farmer.


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