5 months ago. I would also like to mention that the method above will create something very much like raw sugar or brown sugar. I've always enjoyed learning new skills, and especially learning about how to do or make things that I take for granted. Unlike cane sugar, beet sugar is produced without bone char, which may be important for vegans or vegetarians. Next year, I'll experiment with seeing how depth of the molasses matters when the sugar is forming. Waiting until after a hard frost is supposed to convert a lot of starches in the roots and leaves into sugar. Shred or dice beets, then cover with water in a large pot. The fourth picture shows a pan without added sugar, and the difference is striking. Reply This is due to its higher fructose content, and the absence of trace minerals. You can expect to get about 17% of your original beet weight in sugar. Notice the crystal structure forming all over. Adding seed sugar to the molasses after it's cool clearly makes a difference. If you are in a more tropical area, you might consider sorghum or sugar cane. On a commercial scale, they tend to be grown in the more northerly portions of the United States; one of the largest concentrations of growers is in the Red River Valley, located in eastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota. 1 year ago. I'm not sure that other vegetables would have enough sugar content to make it worthwhile. I bought a spinning wheel and learned to spin. Over time, these crystals will grow as the pure sugar crystallizes out of the brown sugar solution. The exact sugar content can vary between 12% and 21% sugar, depending on the cultivar and growing conditions. Use the stove's exhaust fan and open the windows to minimize it. Granulated white sugar, the favorite and most widely available sweetener, is extracted from cane and beet plants. Halloween Pumpkin With a Moving Animatronic Eye | This Pumpkin Can Roll Its Eye! I watered them regularly throughout summer and waited until after the first hard frost in November to harvest them. Sugar Beets look more like a turnip than a beet. There is some research and information online about using liquid sweeteners such as honey in preserving, but most recipes call for granular sugar. Consult your healthcare professional before trying any of these remedies. I'm wondering if a coffee grinder would be useful. A few blogs that posted about this process were sorely lacking on specific information and pictures. You can make sugar from beets at home with an easy process that walks you through each step and highlights the benefits of using beet sugar versus cane sugar. It had something of a beet aftertaste, but was already very sweet and pleasant on its own. Share it with us! Reply I will also be doing a side-by-side comparison using my own beet sugar against store-bought sugar for use in canning fruit preserves, so look for that sometime this summer. It depends what your local climate is. Wet beet sugar has a short shelf life and can harbor bacteria. It had the interesting effect of allowing sugar to crystallize below the top crust, as shown in the first picture. The six-step process involves a keen understanding of how beet pulp is mixed with water and then heated to create a liquid that, when evaporated, will result in the raw sugar. If you can I would think that it would be worth a try. The byproducts of the sugar beet crop, such as pulp and molasses, add another 10% to the value of the harvest. I thought it would allow for a higher surface area of beet for creating the sugar water. Reply Thank you for the tips. 3 months ago. Two of the pans I seeded with a sprinkle of regular white sugar; the other two I left alone. 2 years ago. Some pockets had molasses mixed in with the sugar, while others (as on the right) seemed to be much more pure sugar. My husband's family were sugar beet farmers in Idaho for years and it was so great to get an idea of how these beets were made into sugar. It can be stored like a syrup, which is a very common way to keep beet sugar. I simmered the beet slivers until they were very soft and falling apart, stirring regularly. 2 months ago. Fructose is the principal sugar in fruit. Brown sugar contains slightly more minerals and marginally fewer calories than white sugar. We call it simply “sugar” or table sugar, no matter where it comes from. Wash your beets thoroughly to get all the dirt and debris from them. It takes about 10 pounds of organic sugar cane to make 1 pound of organic Sugar. After about 2 weeks (15 or 16 days) the molasses had almost completely crystalized, as shown in the third picture. I chose to remove the green skinned parts of the beets, as they seemed to be much darker and softer on the inside (see picture). My sugar beets failed last year so I haven't been able to refine the process yet. In an effort to reduce the amount going in to my test batches, I chose to skin the beets and remove any parts of the beet that were brown on the interior. I kept the trays in my kitchen out of the way. If you have any comments or ideas, I would love to hear from you. 2 years ago. Making your own sugar from sugar beets is an interesting homesteading project. I used a food mill to try and squeeze more juice out of the beets- I wound up with something the consistency of apple sauce that clogged the cloth I was using as a filter. The root of the beet contains 75% water, about 20% sugar, and 5% pulp. The second was relatively successful, and I think is a good starting point to anyone who wants to try to do this themselves. It would also save you some money on groceries since you now make your own sugar! Sugar beets aren't your standard round, purple beets like you find at the store or the farmer's market. While you can boil or saute, try roasting sugar beets — just like you would roast standard beets — to deepen their sweet flavor. About 20% of the world’s sugar production is from sugar beets and the other 80% coming from sugarcane. HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) is made from corn starch. This left me with a small amount of finely powdered sugar, a lot of large pieces, and a ripped-up plastic bag. And how long does it last? To process the sugar down, I broke small pieces about the size of a fingertip out of the trays. Dice, shred, or slice thinly the beets and put them in a big pot. Seeding the sugar syrup with a small amount of sugar crystals seems to help dramatically with crystal formation, so I would recommend that. Reduce sugar water until it turns amber brown and has a consistency like honey. Their coloring is off-white and conical in root structure. Tip As I've gotten more into canning and preserving food, I noticed just how much sugar I was using. Yacon Syrup: Yacon syrup is another unique sweetener. Drain the liquid from the beets. This took a while, as the beet pulp clogged the cloth and left some liquid behind. Scrape off the skin with a spoon’s edge, or slice it off, and then cut it into cubes. Handle beet sugar with dry hands so you won't introduce any moisture to it. Otherwise, any place that's cool and dry would probably work well. The beet greens are edible and supposedly similar to swiss chard; I did not try this myself, however. Collect the beet pulp in a strainer lined with cheese cloth or similar material. The most notable nutritional difference between the two is that brown sugar has slightly higher calcium, iron, and potassium contents. You can, however, grow sugar beets, which is used to produce the other 30% of the sugar that you buy. Because the trays were aluminum, I could just flex the bottom and it broke up well on its own. It occurred to me that using a meat grinder would be a good way to press the liquid out of the beets and repeating would allow you to save even more.Using a sieve to catch the solids would save a lot of work.I always use one when making Jellies.


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