Rosewood makes for a very heavy and overly bright-sounding guitar—and an expensive one, too—that is typically more of interest for looks and novelty factor than for tone. A very dense, hard wood, ebony makes for a fast attack from the instrument—all else being equal—and it offers a muscular, controlled bass, and snappy, sizzling highs. One notable exception was the Rosewood Telecaster that Fender produced sporadically between 1969 and 1972 and was played by George Harrison. Gloss finish. Something of a cross between ebony and rosewood tone-wise, pau ferro is a fairly hard, dense, tight-grained wood. Best known as the tonewood of Gibson’s radical Modernistic Series of the late 1950s—the flashy Flying V and Explorer—as well as more recent guitars that follow these templates, Korina is a warm, resonant, and balanced performer. Receive news and offers from our other brands? NY 10036. fender tuners, recently dressed clean frets, not sure of source, but really nice playing neck. 2020 Fender Player Jaguar NECK 9.5" Radius C Shape, Guitar Parts Pau Ferro, Fender Vintera 70s RI Telecaster Custom Tele NECK Maple Thin "C" Shape $10 OFF, 2020 Fender American Ultra Stratocaster Strat NECK, USA Modern "D" Shape Maple. Its highs sizzle slightly, but are rarely harsh, and it offers a decent amount of sustain. The Modern neck uses a double-expanding truss rod, installed in a flat slot directly under the fretboard. As for the classics, the Gibson Les Paul Jr., Les Paul Special, and SG were made of solid mahogany (with mahogany necks), and countless makers have used the wood in both solid and semi-solid designs over the years. It is typically used under opaque finishes, but some examples can look good under darker translucent finishes. There’s a muscular midrange, but also a certain softness and breathiness. Therefore, Gibson products purchased through The STRATosphere are not covered under warranty by Gibson Brands, Inc. NEW USA Fender Cabronita Telecaster Tele NECK + TUNERS Aztec Gold! But basswood is a good tonewood by any standards, and it has been used by many high-end makers with excellent results. It is a very light and fairly soft wood, and it’s light in color, too, with minimal grain. There is usually good depth to the sound, with full but not especially tight lows, and appealing if unpronounced highs. The swamp-ash sound is twangy, airy, and sweet. It’s also used in single-wood bodies. Visit our corporate site. Used on its own, mahogany’s characteristic tone is warm and somewhat soft, but well balanced with good grind and bite. It tends to be warm and full, but usually with a firmer low end, and more overall tightness. Compare. 2020 Fender Player Precision P BASS NECK &TUNERS Bass Guitar Parts Pau Ferro! Affordable and abundant, basswood is particularly associated with mid-level or budget guitars. Factory-black, maple cap 1967 Fender Telecaster in super clean condition. All the rod's inward compression is absorbed by rod itself. Genuine Fender American Professional Rosewood Telecaster Guitar Neck with Rosewood Fingerboard, 9.5" Radius, and Deep "C" Profile $ 699 .99 Or $117 /month § for 6 months The colors can be appealing in their natural states, and they are usually used as one ingredient of many in a multi-wood body. Sitemap. Please note that in this “All About” we’re talking about tonewoods in solidbody and semi-acoustic electrics. Please refresh the page and try again. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Fender Launches the Triple Pickup-Equipped Troublemaker Tele Deluxe Bigsby, Gibson Lukas Nelson Signature Les Paul Junior Review, Epiphone Announces Reimagined Versions of Classic '60s Hollowbodies, the Casino And Riviera, Essential Plucking Patterns for Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar, All-Star Peter Green Tribute Concert Film to Be Released in 2021.


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