Barnes Wild Bluff Oysters are healthy, quick and easy to prepare. Freshly battered oyster, fried crispy served over mixed greens with pineapple, tomato, eggs and cheese. Barnes Wild Bluff Oysters’ team of four once again won the oyster-opening relay event, shucking 20 each in 5min 12.33sec. We recognise the needs of our customers while working hard to minimise any risk of damaging our environment for future generations. Shallow or deep fry in oil until batter is golden. You can’t enjoy Bluff oysters much closer to where they come from than here, at Barnes Oysters in Invercargill. Hungry customers queue outside at the very start of the season to be among the first to get their hands on new-season oysters. It’s the unique combination of great depth, arctic temperature and pristine purity of our southern waters that bestows supreme flavour to the deluxe, succulent meat of our famous delicacy. Turn carefully and brown the other side. About 20,000 of the saltwater bivalve molluscs were consumed in a variety of ways — au natural, in batter, Kilpatrick or other ways — by festival-goers, Bluff promotions officer Lindsay Beer said. For more information on our cookies and changing your settings, click here . "a barnes specialty", fresh "local whites" caught right here off the coast, large shrimp butterflied and deveined with the tails left on. Small Caesar Salad. ‘Surprisingly strong’ year for oyster firm, Shucks, Bluff oyster season looks set to be pearler, Encouraging signs as young oysters appear in latest season, Demand strong as Bluff oysters hit the market, Fleet ready to launch for start of oyster season, Early season Bluff oyster prices driven by “insatiable” demand, Bluff oysters in short supply after ‘chaos’, First oysters of the season arrive in Bluff, Oysters the order of the day as connoisseurs flock from afar, The battle for the Bluff oyster gets under way for the 2017 season, Big crowds and tight squeezes at the 2016 Bluff Oyster and Food Festival, Bluff oysters in the blood of many Southlanders, Transport World to open pop up oyster bar for start of oyster season, 28 May / Janette Gellatly - Otago Daily Times. These Southern fried oysters are coated with a simple cornmeal batter. Heat oil in 10 inch fry pan. “More than 60% of our patrons came from outside Southland,” including two charter flights from Auckland and Wellington transporting about 300 people, he said. Cover. ... towel. Drain oysters well for 3/4 to 1 hour, saving ...oyster dry. Mix in milk. Mix well. Fabian Pera, of Torea, was third in 2min 42.52sec. 3.29. Drain shucked oysters. Despite the condition of the oyster shells, she summed up her enjoyment of competing against her fellow shuckers by saying “I love it”, and praising their efforts, saying “it won’t be long before Peggy beats me”. Mr Beer said the crowd had been “wonderful” and everyone had a great time. Oyster opener Vic Pearsey claimed her eighth consecutive Women’s Oyster Opening title at this year’s Bluff Oyster & Food Festival on Saturday. You can also ask for Barnes Oysters by name at great seafood retail outlets across the country such as restaurants, supermarkets, delis and takeaway stores. It’s the unique combination of great depth, arctic temperature and pristine purity of our southern waters that bestows supreme flavour to the deluxe, succulent meat of our famous delicacy. Drop batter into hot oil by tablespoon making sure to include 2 oysters in each portion. Ihaia set a time of 2min 28.55sec, while Taylor came in at 2min 28.58sec. Pearsey shucked 50 oysters in a time of 3 minutes 28 seconds, only 10 seconds ahead of Peggy Bishop. Cook until brown on 1 side, for 1 to 2 minutes. Mix the flour, baking powder and salt in a bowl. Dip oysters in batter a few at a time. In the men’s oyster opening competition, it was Shane Wixon, of Ngai Tahu Seafoods, who won, in 3min 02sec, the fifth time he has won this event. Crisp chilled romaine in our caesar dressing with parmesan cheese and croutons. As proud New Zealanders we take the state of our country’s environment seriously and strive for continuous improvement in all areas of our business, from fisheries management to environmental and economic sustainability. Salads and Chicken‎: Chicken. Try them wrapped in batter. Ten seconds behind was Ricci Grant, of Barnes, and third was K Z Matangi, of Barnes, in 3min 45sec. An estimated 4500 people came from throughout New Zealand and various parts of the world, including Hong Kong, Australia, China and the United Kingdom. In other oyster opening competitions, Marvin Ihaia, representing oyster boat Nga Roimata, beat Junior Taylor, of Golden Quest, by .03sec in the Boat Challenge. Pour oil into deep skillet to depth of 1 inch. The battered oyster roll is then served with a lemony mustard sauce. Ingredients. Southland Barnes Oysters, Invercargill. Leave the oysters whole or chop roughly. Dry thoroughly on paper towels. Serve them in po' boy sandwiches, as an appetizer, or add them to a salad. Heat to 375 degrees. Barnes Oysters has a grand history in … Drain well. Pearsey put this year’s time down to the oysters, which she said shattered as she shucked them, so she had to find another way to open them, rather than the technique she was used to. Another of the crowd’s favourites, the Oyster Eating Competition was won by Daryl “Dagwood” MacDonald, of Blenheim, while the newest audience competition, the Wasabi-Chilli Oyster Eating Challenge, was won by Dave Vaile, of Oamaru. Combine egg and milk mixture and stir into the dry ingredients; add more milk if necessary to make a smooth, thick batter. Add pancake mix, cornmeal, salt and pepper.


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