Finding a good deal on a laptop with upgradeable memory is a legitimate way to get lots of RAM for a lower price. The bottom-firing speakers on the front of the Flip C434 pump out clear sound that's loud enough to fill a large room. While the Chromebook 3 doesn't offer the same performance as the Flip C434, this $179 is a steal thanks to its long battery life and bright display. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? I don’t think that most people here have ever used Chrome OS. Looking for a Chrome book for a better laptop notebook but, well, is there really one? Overall, the Chromebook Flip C434 is an excellent 2-in-1 laptop and the device I would recommend to anyone making the switch to Chrome OS. The reason is because Android apps, like Linux apps, run in a container within Chrome OS. But as long as they continue to meet the needs of enough buyers, Ford will continue to sell Fiestas. The keys are large and nicely spaced, and they have 71 grams of actuation force (up from a measly 49 grams on the Flip 302CA), which gives them a tactile click. What I found was a short, completely fact-less piece. The laptop suffered severe damage to its aluminum chassis, the touchpad buttons broke, and the screen cracked (which resulted in a block of dead pixels) when we dropped the laptop from 2.5 feet and 4.5 feet onto carpet and concrete. The Flip C434 also performed below average on our WebGL Aquarium graphics test, powering 5,000 fish at 37 frames per second. Like this one: The Chromebook Flip C434 is my new favorite Chromebook. Asus ships the Chromebook Flip C434 with a one-year warranty. That's a good result, but it doesn't quite meet my 119-wpm, 95% accuracy average. You will receive a verification email shortly. Less so on Chromebooks though because Google has custom built the platform atop Linux and certifies the hardware to be optimized with the software. Four gigs does the job, but I see no reason for them to not come with eight. Repurposing a Windows laptop (that has the specs you want) to run ChromiumOS is sometimes a thriftier way to make a great “Chromebook”. The synopsis of the whole article is the paragraph that begins, “There’s a segment of the market….” Money talks. The base model we reviewed costs $569 and comes equipped with an Intel Core m3-8100Y CPU, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage. That would be preferable as adding a second 4GB stick would enable dual channel access, a huge performance benefit. But that’s just me: I’d love to hear your thoughts. With a peak rating of 286 nits, the Flip 434's screen is more luminous than the average Chromebook (235 nits); however, the displays on the Chromebook Pro (376 nits), Chromebook x2 (403 nits) and Flip C302CA (292 nits) shine brighter. Raspberry Pi has exposed the PC industry’s failed memory pricing by offering 8 GB of RAM at a $75 price point, with CPU performance comparable to low end Chromebooks. The Chromebook Flip C434 remained cool during our heat test, which involves playing a 15-minute video in full screen. While that passes our 30-fps playability threshold, other laptops, like the Chromebook Pro (48 fps), did even better. Just like Apple does. With a larger display, longer battery life and stronger performance, the new Asus Chromebook Flip C434 (reviewed at $569) is a big improvement over its excellent predecessor, the Chromebook Flip C302CA. The C434 can "flip" 360 degrees into tablet or tent mode. While the Flip C434 is small for a 14-inch laptop, it's still quite cumbersome as a tablet. ASUS Chromebook C434 The specs are identical to the original model sans the memory. Asus Chromebook Flip C434 price and configuration options. Chromebooks, Chrome OS and Chrome tablet news, how tos, views and reviews. And don’t change it to bipolar either, because it sure as hell ain’t that. 100% of new Chromebooks have used soldered RAM for years now. I think the obsession with specs is rather wasteful of effort – get the kit you need for the job you have to do. “get the kit you need for the job you have to do” – exactly! 4GB RAM is under $20. It’s really an occasional bonus. It’s an interesting one. There aren’t many hard numbers in the article, but it’s true that if you use Android apps on a Chromebook, you’ll be using memory even when you aren’t running those apps. Comparing your Windows computer that is inefficiently repurposed as a Chromebook is a nonstarter, Um, no. At least it’s an ST! But it is adequate for emails and as a super light laptop for giving presentations, which is my job. No development/business use, just casual browsing for the most part. With Android and Linux application support, you can more credibly use all of it, and you also benefit from caching and less frequent zRAM compression. If you want to splash out on more, do – it is (still just about) a free society. The users are my wife and daughters. With 4GB, the same setup would hit 3GB. That alone is a great argument for 8 GB of RAM, even for those who use their Chromebooks only as (or mainly as) an Internet browsing device.Some of the Chromebooks that came out in 2020 look really nice, but I’m rockin’ an old Acer Chromebook that I managed to stuff with 16 GB of RAM. Buying Guide and Advice, Laptops with the Best Overall Performance, Laptops with the Best Productivity Performance, Whoa! Only cost me 26 to go from 4-8 on an hp I just ordered my wife. I’ll answer the second question first because it’s easy: The answer is no. This is the first laptop we've tested using this new, more demanding benchmark, so we can't comment on how it compares until we've tested more Chromebooks. At $569, the Flip C434 is on the pricey side for a Chromebook, and it scored mixed results on our performance benchmarks. Hardware is hardware. I flashed many with a UEFI Mr. Chromebox bios and put cloudready on some, and added more ram and a larger faster SSD and ran windows on a couple. Finally got sick of my 5 year old battery-less laptop, and decided to make the switch to a Chromebook. The catalyst for that change was the launch of Android app support, which gives users the ability to download their favorite mobile apps onto their laptops. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The first thing you'll notice when you open the laptop are the barely-there bezels that surround the display. They just as gleefully as you get loaded and then where are we? Trouble is, they will want $100, maybe more. It’s the only hardware platform that Google can do this on. Sorry, but very hard to make that argument.when even the RPi now ships with 8gb RAM and even though it’s not a completely fair comparison, that did NOT come anywhere close to raising it’s price by $50usd…. I can't think of another laptop in this price range that looks as elegant as the Flip C434. Honestly, without linux or play store support and with many very active tabs (yahoo stuff and reddit EAT memory, the most I hit with chrome and 8-10 tabs was 5GB. When I moved the laptop closer to the window, the sun brightened my face, revealing significantly more detail, like wrinkles around my eyes. And yes, my 12 year old got suspended for hacking his to show his teacher a video of him working on a document that looped, and overrode the firewall so he could read stuff about gaming in school. That was followed by “8GB RAM or bust”. They’re $20-40 as they’re mostly older SATA type SSD’s with the ‘old’ style connector on them. I think it should be a requirement from Google and laptop prices might go up $20. The Asus C302 used to fit the bill and I got my two for £360 ish. I still occasionally still use my Asus C100PA. So yes, it’s more about future-proofing than anything else. Not sure why, but I read the Android Police article mentioned in this expecting a solid, fact-based opinion on the matter.


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